Visual Studio "Orcas" March CTP is available now

Today we released the March CTP of Visual Studio codename ”Orcas”. 

Our goal with Orcas is to build the best tool set for Windows Vista and Office 2007, expand our role-based and team offerings, deliver complete AJAX support and deliver revolutionary language and data integration.

In this CTP, you can start to see the great progress we’ve made here.  For the first time, we have a WPF designer in the product, enabling a more complete WPF development experience.  One of the key promises of Orcas is language-data integration and you can see this with the Language Integrated Query capability built into the product.  Team Foundation Server users will see the first CTP of the Orcas release with a number of customer requested features.  There’s all of this and a lot more built into this CTP.

To get this CTP you can go here and download either a VPC image (be sure to get the base image disk if this is your first time) or a self-extracting install set.  For more information you can visit the MSDN Developer Centers, where you will find links to the team blogs and our MSDN forums.  You can also submit feedback on the CTP through Microsoft Connect

This release is one of our key milestones on the way to the Beta 1 and will really allow you to receive a true experience of what Orcas will provide.  I encourage you to download the CTP and provide us with your feedback.  Your early and ongoing feedback is absolutely a key part of us building the right product. 



Comments (30)

  1. Cory Nelson says:

    lots of fun .net stuff, but nothing exciting for the unmanaged world 🙁

  2. The March 2007 Orcas CTP is now available for download. You can see Soma’s anouncement about it here

  3. RSS It All says:

    The March 2007 Orcas CTP is now available for download. You can see Soma's anouncement about it here

  4. Yuvi says:

    Will Beta1 come with the express editions? And, will they be in a manageable size?

  5. Paul Andrew says:

    This week we released the Visual Studio codename "Orcas" March 2007 CTP and this is the first time that

  6. Windows Mobile 6 SDKs are now available! / mobile microsoft “Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK” and “Windows

  7. stevetei says:

    >>lots of fun .net stuff, but nothing exciting for the unmanaged world :(<<

    Hi Cory,

    I don’t think we’ve been as effective at communicating the native code features of Orcas as we have some of the managed stuff, but Orcas does include some cool features for native code developers as well.  To name a few…

    1. MFC support for new Vista controls, common dialogs, and Vista UI guidelines (actually, we not only added support for Vista stuff, but also some of the XP-era stuff that we had yet to do)

    2. Dialog editor support for new Vista controls

    3. Improved build throughput with the ability to compile multiple files in parallel within a project

    4. Class designer support in the IDE

    5. Updates to Spy++ to support Vista and 64-bit

    Related to how native code, we also have a few features in Orcas that make it easier to interoperate between native and managed code, including:

    1. STL/CLR: An implementation of the C++ STL, including containers, iterators, and algorithms that can be used with C++/CLI managed code and also interop with other managed languages

    2. The Marshaling Libraries, which handle the dirty work of converting between commonly used native and managed types

    3. Managed incremental build, which can dramatically improve incremental build speed for mixed or managed solutions

    Orcas was actually a fairly modest release for the VC++ team, as we have a good chunk of the team dedicated to longer-lead, post-Orcas work.  Expect to see the fruits of this work begin to appear in the next major VS release after Orcas.

    I also want to point out that native code development is the #1 focus area for the VC++ product.  You can learn more about our product strategy and vision by checking out this Channel9 video that Bill Dunlap and I did recently:


    Steve Teixeira

    Group Program Manager, VC++

  8. Insane World says:

    Visual Studio codename &quot;Orcas&quot; March 2007 CTP has been released, and it contains aspects of

  9. Le nouveau CTP est maintenant disponible. Vous pouvez consulter l’annonce officielle sur le site de Somasegar.

  10. Somasegar’s WebLog : Visual Studio "Orcas" March CTP is available now 이전과 마찬가지로 VPC와 인스톨본 두가지 형태로 제공됩니다:

  11. This week Microsoft released the Visual Studio codename "Orcas" March 2007 CTP and this is the first…

  12. Somasegar says:

    Hi Yuvi,

    We will have Express versions of the product at Beta1.  The teams are working on keeping the size manageable.  Let’s see how much progress we make in this time-frame.


  13. Hi Somasegar,

    I have been testing the CTP for a couple of days now, but I still can´t find any AJAX support? Do I need to install the ASP.NET AJAX extensions to use it, or can I add a reference to a specific dll?


    Mikael Söderström

  14. Thomas Zitzler says:

    Hi Somasegar,

    are there checksums available for the files (VSMar07CTP_TFSVSTS_9PartsTotal…)? I downloaded them but extracting fails. I don’t want to download the whole stuff again, so it would be nice to find out which one is corrupted.



  15. rasyadi says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Are you sure you were downloaded the correct files?

    It happened to me last time. It seems that the .rar file I downloaded corrupted. But I have mixed those filex with different released. do you get what I mean?

    They have released 4 different set of files to be downloaded:

    1. VSTS with VPC image

    2. VSTS with TFS with VPC image

    3. VSTS self extracted

    4. VSTS with TFS self extracted

    What can I suggest to you is to check your files name. Look at its name convention. The file name is different between each other. I got noticed I’ve mixed the wrong files when I saw differences in its naming convention. Hope this helps.



  16. Hey Soma,

    I’ve a question about the self-extract files. The download page for them says that the supported operating systems are only Windows 2003 and XP. Is that right ? Then how come while this is supposed to be the first "real" Vista targetted version of VS?

    If it’s supported on Vista (apart from why this is not said then), then what are things to check if the instllation fails on a typical Vista machine (no special software or so), while works on other XP machines using same downloded files ??

    When I had the problem on my machine, I googled to find others at Channel9 and MSDN forums having the same complain. Channel9 guys made me notice the supported operating systems list on the self-extract files download page. I blogged about it and got a number of comments of those who had it working on their Vista machines!!

  17. Somasegar says:

    Hi Mikael,

    The Atlas binaries are in there, but the design-time (VS) templates aren’t and hte tool doesn’t migrate projects yet – so it looks like Atlas doesn’t exist.  You should be able to open and edit as ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 project in the CTP though.

    The team is working on completing this as we speak and in subsequent CTPs you should see more of this stuff working.


  18. Somasegar says:

    Hi Mohamed,

    With this CTP, we have a problem installing the "red bits" changes on Vista with Orcas on the run-time side.  That’s why this CTP doesn’t enable you to natively install on Vista.  You have to install the VPC image on Vista to try out this CTP.

    The team is working on fixing this issue as we speak.  With a subsequent CTP, we will enable this so that you can install Orcas natively on a Vista machine.


  19. Chad says:

    Will this CTP be available in the MSDN subscriber downloads?  The individual downloads keep timing out for me, so I would like to use the download manager available for subscriber downloads.  I usually have good luck as it restarts and picks up where it left off.


  20. Mohamed says:

    Hey again,

    Sorry for repeating the same question, but, how come I keep seeing more and more people online that had it working on different editions of vista?

    Is there something specific that could be prevevnting it? Right now I have VS2005Pro  + Team Explorer addin + SQL2005Expr + SQL2005Devevloper + WF&.NET3Tools for VS2005 + OFfice2007.

    This might sound much but is pretty standard for any developer who has work to do with .NET 3.0, however, may it Orcas installation work if I remove any of those  (and will i be able to reinstall what I removed afterwards)? OR/AND is there anything else I can do to get it to work ??

  21. Mohamed says:


    I got it to work!

    I first tired uninstalling VVS2005SP1Vista Update, and reinstalling it. This didn’t help anything.

    Later I thought: The component that fails in my case (itks different in each case on channel and msdn forums) is Microsoft Web Designer Tools. I had access to Expression Web Designer as part of my work but I havevnt’t installed it before, so, I tried to install it and see. Yes, in my case, this did the trick :):):).

  22. Somasegar says:

    Hi Mohamed,

    Glad to hear that things are working for you.  


  23. Yama Kamyar says:

    If you have not even updated your Visual Studio 2003 to the 2005 you may be for bits of a catching…

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