WPF Real-World Apps for Windows Vista – Part 2

Many of you have probably seen some of the popular WPF real-world apps, like the New York Times Reader (if you have a NYT subscription, you can now take your experience to a new level). So instead of starting with the more known apps, I thought I should start with some new ones that you may not have seen so far. While we may be familiar with many of the US based companies providing WPF solutions, we are also seeing many new and exciting experiences being created all around the world. Last week, our team in Japan sent me some really cool WPF apps which I have highlighted below (BTW, some of these apps have audio too).

Windows Vista/WPF Real-World: Weather News


As a weather information provider, Weather News wanted to provide customers with rich 3D functionality and flexible animation of global view of weather with real time weather mapping and zoom in and out. Be sure to click the different views on the bottom, like clouds, day-night, and world climate.

Windows Vista/WPF Real-World: Microsoft Japan (Windows Vista Web Showcase)


Microsoft Japan leveraged the UI and media/3D functionality of WPF to provide customers with a beautifully crafted interactive experience. This one is powered by Bascule. I really liked the energy of this app. And the scenario looks interesting too. Crank up the audio for this one, hear the chef’s noodles sizzle in the pan, and if you are listening carefully, hear the restaurant customer burp while eating the noodles…the attention to detail makes it so real.

Notice the intensive use of 3D. Clearly, 3D is really popular in Japan.  

Another thing I noticed is how many of these apps use WPF deployment model of XBAPs or XAML Browser Applications (another WPF deployment option is installed/windows stand-alone apps).  XBAPs are Windows applications that run in a partial-trust sandbox within IE on Windows Vista, XP or Server 2003.  WPF Security is important to application developers, and this partial trust model allows a subset of WPF functionality to be supported securely.

As you can see, there are a lot of new WPF enabled applications that not only provide business solutions, but also are very cool and fun to use.  Other cool WPF applications also from Japan I have seen include Impress Japan, Shiseido and Microsoft Japan (special site of TV program).

And, if you want to share your app description/screen shot/link, let me know.


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  1. Anjanesh says:

    Its really cool but how can XBAP overtake flash in the long run ?

    For The Weather News, iexplorer.exe was taking around 43MB when using the flash version.

    But for the XBAP version, it was taking 38MB, but things like PresentationHost.exe and PresentationFontCache.exe sprung up taking abt 66MB and 10MB respectively. Thats 114MB total !

    How would one render these in non-IE browsers ?

  2. Somasegar says:

    Hi Anjanesh,

    We do know that we need to work on making both the download and the working set more manageable than what it it currently is for a lot of the web scenarios.

    There is work happening under way on this and over the next several months we will able to talk more about what we are doing.

    Non IE browsers is another thing we are thinking about.  Please stay tuned for that as well.


  3. Last Updated: Monday 5th February The following are a compilation of great samples and demos of applications

  4. Parimal Deshpande says:

    Hi Anjanesh,

    I’d like to add to Soma’s response. When we launched WPF, a consistent request we got from customers was ""hey, WPF is great for Windows Vista and IE. But we need something similar for cross-platform, and cross-browser that’s easy to deploy?"

    That’s exactly why we introduced "Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere" or "WPF/E." Though this is a code name, the term "everywhere" means it will provide a subset functionality of WPF that’s optimized for reach scenarios, such as X-platform (Windows, Mac), X-browser (all major browsers, not just IE), and eventually devices.

    More importantly, our goal is to make sure that ASP.NET AJAX, "WPF/E," and WPF all work together to provide a true platform continuum from the Web to Windows.

    BTW, we just released the 2nd CTP of "WPF/E." It’s at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/asp.net/bb187358.aspx  

    Hope you take it for a test drive, and let us know what you think. Please stay tuned for more information on "WPF/E."



    Senior Product Manager

    WPF and "WPF/E"

  5. JerryOsmus says:

    I keep getting a error dialog saying that "Windows Presentaion Foundation has encountered an error" when I try to run these sampels. I am running XP with the 3.0 framework installed and IE7.  It happens any time I try to run any XBAPs. Any ideas why I would keep getting this?? Thanks!

  6. Ian Ellison-Taylor says:

    One common cause of these kinds of errors is having bits of old versions on your machine. Had you installed any of the pre-release CTPs by chance?

    Can you send me the full details of the exception and I’ll try to figure it out?




  7. Ian Ellison-Taylor says:

    typo: that should of course be microsoft.com 🙂

  8. JerryOsmus says:

    Actually I have the WPF/E preview installed. However I tried uninstalling this as well as re-installing 3.0 framework and still get the same error.

    The error is a pop-up dialog with no info…only choices to debug and close.

    The full dialog reads "Windows Presentation Foundation Host has encountered and error and needs to close."

  9. Alik Khavin - MSFT says:

    Jerry, do you have Windows SDK installed?  Please see this link: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=1179804&SiteID=1

  10. Jerry Osmus says:

    I did. I uninstalled the SDK and re-installed 3.0 but I am still getting the error.

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  15. deciobarone says:

    here in brazil you have a 3d global newspaper feed who name is "AEMundi". It´s cool app! I can downloaded in http://www.aemundi.com.br

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