WPF Real-World Apps for Windows Vista!

It’s been 3 months since we released Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 on Nov 6th 2006. In this short duration, I have already witnessed developers having a good uptake of .NET 3.0 apps for Windows Vista. So I thought why not blog about these real-world apps, showing how the developer community is embracing Vista technology, and creating cool WPF apps. I have gathered up a number of the most exciting apps we currently have, and will go into detail about them over the next few days. To start us off, one of the most exciting ones we are seeing is the Yahoo Messenger Client for Vista.

Built from the ground up specifically for Microsoft Windows Vista, this new version combines the Yahoo! Messenger with the cutting-edge experience of Vista.

By the way, if you are working on Windows Vista/.NET 3.0/WPF apps that you’d like to share with everyone, please send them to me. A brief description, a link to the app if it’s in the public doman, and a screen shot will be great, as a picture is often worth a thousand words.


Comments (5)

  1. Anjanesh says:

    But wouldn’t we be able to run Vista based apps on our WinXP PCs with .NET 3.0 fx ?

    Or could there be some loss of quality ?

  2. SBC says:

    right now… I’ll settle for having WPF work in my non-vista box

    (see my comments in your prior post –


  3. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi SBC,

    I have forwarded your comment (issue) to the WPF team.  Hopefully somebody from the team will get in touch with you soon to see how we can help.


  4. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Anjanesh,

    Not really no. There are some point differences to do with things like layered windows (top level windows with transparency) and 3D will look better on Vista (anti aliased) but that’s about it. We wanted to ensure that people get the same experience using WPF apps for the most part across the different platforms.  


  5. tamosius says:

    I’m kind of missing anything special about this version of Yahoo… nothing that couldn’t be done on .Net 2.0 / WinXP ? Am I missing the point?

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