Bug Fixes in VS 2005 SP1

Last month, I announced the release of Visual Studio 2005 SP1 One of the pieces of feedback that I got from a lot of you is a list of which bugs have been fixed in SP1.  In response to that feedback, we have now published a list of all of the 398 customer-reported Connect bugs that were fixed in SP1.  In addition to the fixes for these customer-reported issues, Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 also includes fixes for the majority of Watson automatic error reporting issues, all Visual Studio 2005 hotfixes, and fixes for the top customer and supportability issues as reported by our Customer Support organization. 


Thank you for your excellent ongoing feedback.



Comments (7)

  1. S. Somasegar recently blogged that Visual Studio 2005 bugs logged via Connect that were fixed in SP1

  2. Connect Bugs Fixed in Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 VS2005 SP1에서 고친 버그중에서 connect 사이트를 통해서 들어온 사용자의

  3. Han Nguyen says:

    Will .NET framework v.3.0 applications require to .NET framework v.3.0 (can only use on Windows Vista, XP or 2003 servers) installed on a client machines?

  4. Vikas Apte says:

    What is the timeline on J# 64-bit compiler?, We have lots of code in J# and would like to compile it for 64-bit platform

  5. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Han,

    Yes – if you wirte a .NET FX 3.0 application, you would need .NET FX 3.0 installed on the machine that you are running the application on.


  6. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Vikas,

    The team is heads down working on a 64-bit version of J#.  Stay tuned for more to come in the spring/summer time-frame.


  7. SBC says:

    How do you drive a .NET developer insane?

    The real way to drive a developer insane is by enticing him/her with WPF, WCF, WF, etc in CTPs and having them fail at installation. Then the Visual Studio guys point the finger at the .NET3 guys who in turn point the finger at the Installer guys.. Of course, they all recommend that you reinstall VS.NET or .NET3 or both..

    For any product to fail during installation is unforgiveable.. getting shot down even before the starting gate leaves one very disheartened and tortured..

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