Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Brian tagged me and I thought this would be a good opportunity to share a little bit about me that not many people know about.


1.  I dropped out of college – I had started my Ph.D. in State University of New York at Buffalo.  A little bit into the program, I had got a job offer in a relatively small, obscure company called Microsoft in the Northwest and I decided to join the company back in 1989.  I felt really guilty for about the 1st year at Microsoft about not finishing my Doctorate, but haven’t looked back since then.


2.  I love movies – I love to watch movies – pretty much any kinds of movies though my preference include action, adventure, romance and comedy (you may wonder what else is left J).  When I was a Freshman in my undergraduate program, I have gone through phases where I watched 2 different movies every day for a couple of weeks at a stretch.  No wonder, I don’t remember what I learnt, if any, then.


3.  I hate chocolates – I love sweets.  For some strange reason, I have never liked (hated) chocolates.  I can’t stand the taste of chocolates.  That feeling extends to cocoa, coffee and the like.  Having been born and brought up in South India (capital of Indian coffee) and then living in the Seattle area (another coffee capital) for the last 18 years, it is weird that I never developed a taste for coffee.


4.  I love to read fiction – Eric Segal is my most favorite author.  Love Story is one of the best books I have ever read.


5.  I am the odd man out in my home – With 2 adorable daughters and a great wife, I like the fact that I am outnumbered by 3 great girls at home.


Let me break the trend here and not tag other people.  However, if at least 5 people among the many who read this are excited about carrying on the tradition, here is my torch in advance waiting to be handed-off.



Comments (4)

  1. vikasgoyal77 says:

    Dear Soma,

    We would like to see you on channel 9.



  2. Ravi says:

    relatively small obscure company – that helped develop a  promising product called ../2

  3. Vijay says:

    U can always say java wasn’t ur cup of tea 🙂

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