Virtual Earth 3D

Last week’s launch of Virtual Earth 3D now makes Microsoft’s new online mapping platform available to Web developers as well as Live Local Search customers. Virtual Earth 3D provides developers with an immersive 3D application environment to implement searching, browsing and organizing local information.


Web developers can now implement Virtual Earth 3D applications by using the new features available in Version 4 of the Virtual Earth API. The Virtual Earth SDK includes a ‘What’s New section to get developers started with version 4 of the API and the 3D map control.  


Check out Windows Live Developer portal to find updated “how to” articles that answer commonly asked questions on VE implementations, getting started guides, blogs and other third party content.  In general, this is the portal for Live platform developers. 



Comments (8)

  1. jamome says:

    Any news on Visual Studio 2005 SP1?  Or at least an updated beta?

  2. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Jamome,

    I do expect to be able to provide an update within the next 4 weeks.


  3. Ramesh Thyagarajan says:

    Hey Soma,

    Saw your entry and tried loading virtual earth 3d.  I went to see dallas in 3D. it took about 10 mins to load it from the top angle and it locked up my machine all the time and finally i had to hard reboot. I do understand this is beta but

    I think you guys have a long way to go on there. I would expect a seamless experience even though it took a while to load. From my first experience, i am not sure if i am gonna digg it until it is released.

    Just one user experience.

  4. Girish says:

    Should’nt namaste be at the start rather that at the end of the article?

  5. Main says:

    Virtual Earth? It’s all so confusing. We’ve suggested just changing the

  6. Main says:

    Virtual Earth? It’s all so confusing. We’ve suggested just changing the

  7. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Ramesh,

    I have passed on your feedback to the VE team.  


  8. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi Girish,

    I always thought of namaste both as a greeting for when you meet someone as well as when you say "bye" to them.  Hence, I got into the habit of saying it at the end.  


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