Jim Allchin’s letter to developers

Being a platform company at heart, the developer audience is super important to us at Microsoft.  As you know, I enjoy highlighting new technologies from across the company that are relevant to developers and showing how we’re providing tools that enable developers to be productive with those technologies.

Jim Allchin, the Co-President for Platforms and Services Division at Microsoft, has written an open letter to developers, which you can see at the Windows Vista Developer Center.   Jim describes some of the new technologies available on Windows Vista, highlights the importance of testing your Windows XP applications, and provides some pointers to new resources available to developers.  I encourage all of you to go read Jim’s letter and to let me know how you are planning to take advantage of the most visual operating system in Microsoft’s history, Windows Vista.

In addition, I’m also pleased to highlight the recently renovated Windows Vista Developer Center.  Hopefully, you will appreciate the new site layout and the way it highlights the technologies that are available in Windows Vista.  This is a site that we’ll be updating frequently so I’d encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed and check back often.


Comments (3)

  1. A Developer says:

    I’d rather have Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005.  When will Microsoft realize: stable is better than new or "cool".

  2. Russ says:

    Got to agree there. My whole team is itching for the VS2005 Service pack. The lack of information comming out of MS is maddening. Just give us some type of update. There are so many people looking for this service pack, and no one has any information.

  3. Klaus Enevoldsen says:

    I wonder when will you announce the availability or the delay of Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1? On the servicing site for Visual Studio 2005 it says that it is targeted for Q3 2006, which is pretty soon. T-9 days and counting…

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