New Team Foundation Server (TFS) Power Toys

Yesterday, the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server team released a series of new Power Toys.  While versions of the Power Toys have been released previously, this is the first time they have included functionality that integrates seamlessly into the VS2005 IDE.  There are now a dozen features altogether and some of the new functionality includes Annotate and Tree Diff for source control which many customers have been asking for.  In addition, they’ve separated them from the VS SDK which enables a faster download and installation of these new tools.  


I am excited about this release for several reasons.  First, I just love shipping new value to customers.  It’s great when we can help people solve problems and help them work more efficiently.  Secondly, getting features such as these out early means that we get feedback on them earlier than if we’d waited to release them with a major new version of Team Foundation Server.  And finally, it demonstrates our commitment to listen to our customers and respond when we can to their feedback.   


You can learn more about these tools by reading Brian Harry’s blog. 



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