An afternoon w/Lena Tamizhvanan

Those of you who are from South India, particularly from the State of Tamil Nadu, will probably know of Mr. Tamizhvanan, who founded the Kalkandu magazine and was a prolific writer in his days.  I got a chance to spend a couple of hours with his son, Mr. Lena Tamizhvanan, this past weekend.  Mr. Lena is a prolific writer in his own right - having published about 67 books thus far and is currently carrying the editorial responsibilities for a couple of leading magazines in South India.

Among the things that Mr. Lena talked about, there was one thing in particular that really caught my attention.  He said that "problem --> worry --> solution --> happy" is a 4-stage process that most of us go through.  In other words, when we encounter a problem our first reaction is to worry about that.  Then when we start working on a solution and solve the problem, we tend to be happy.  He then went on to say that if we can eliminate the "worry" phase because usually it ends up wasting energy and time and doesn't really help anybody, we can get to a happy stage that much earlier. 

That seems like a simple, straightforward and intuitive thing but one that I personally know is harder to implement and follow on a day-to-day basis.


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  1. Subashini says:

    I find your blog informative and easy to read. Keep up the good work

  2. Somasegar says:

    Thanks Subashini for the kind words.

    – somasegar

  3. Prakash says:

    We Indians are proud of you, Somasegar. Your posts always lit up my day! I want to be like you one day 🙂

  4. Really informative workflow 😉 and we all proud of you. As Prakash said, I’ll be in MS lobby one day. I’m waiting for that day to come. Really usefull post !

    Lets Stop worrying & Start thinking  —am i right 🙂


  5. Somasegar says:

    Thanks guys.  Microsoft is always interested in people who are passionate to solve interesting problems using software.  Whenever you are ready, I am sure Microsoft will be excited to talk to you.

    – somasegar

  6. But, how one can stop worrying when he got a problem. I think, it is nature of every living thing. If any one is not worried at that spontanous moment he won’t be affected by that problem which distracts him to find out the solution for the problem. I think, Lena’s fact of 4 word is right, but taking out of any one is not possible by anybody.

    People can say, one can train themselves by smiling or throwing out thinking about the problem as soon as it had happened, but in any mean you always tend to fiddle around with the problem to found the solution, which comes after you really worried about it.

  7. brij says:

    for me problem -> define problem (during the event —> Solution)

    😀 anyways…whatever elder guys say –  they are right.

    I am from UP still i’ve heard about them from some Malyali frnds.

  8. Manickam Manoharan says:

    Wish Mr.Lena Tamizhvanan to get International award soon.

  9. Venkk says:

    A post to bookmark.  On a personal note, I agree that implementing this strategy might seem tough but in my view if we constantly try to improve our self-awareness it would definitely be feasible.

    In future you should consider to start video blogging of your meetings with people like Lena.

  10. raviramanathan says:

    Thanks somasegar for this post.  I am sorry if I am intruding into a forum meant only for microsoft guys.  I am not one of you, if that be the case.

    I would tend to only partially agree with Vadivel.  Perhaps it is impossible to absolutely not get worried at all.  However, the length of time on spends doing that can be curtailed by training yourself.  Or perhaps if you can get absolutely thick-skinned.  Or so reckless that you don’t care about the outcome.

    I would further tend to disagree with Vadivel – surely many of us tend to ignore the ‘solution’ and ‘happy’ part very comfortably, and try to immerse ourselves in the worry stage?  If you agree, would it be true to say it is impossible to get any one of the 4 ingredients out?

  11. Askar says:

    You know that your postings get read by thousands (if not millions) of people across the world. I really like your guts/enthusiasm to post topics on Tamil and Tamil related. You are such a proud Tamizhan and an icon to follow.

    I’m so proud of you Soma and wanted to be like you in the future. May God bless you.

  12. Somasegar says:

    Thanks Askar for the kind words.

    – somasegar

  13. Meeran says:

    Hi Soma,

    I am realy proud about you as a Tamizhan.

    Keep going on.

    God will bless you.

  14. Somasegar says:

    Thanks Meeran for the kind words and the best wishes.


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