Alleviate poverty – one family at a time!

Last night I got a chance to spend a couple of hours with Mike Murray – who is an ex-VP from Microsoft and a good friend.  Over the last several years Mike has co-founded and is the Chairman of the Board for Unitus – a non-profit organization that is focused on innovative ways to solve global poverty.


It was fascinating to see how this organization has evolved in the last several years to work with MFIs (Micro Finance Institutions) in different parts of the world and help make a difference to hundreds of thousands of people and families. 


In the decade or so since I have known Mike, I have known him to be super passionate about his work – that was true when I knew him at Microsoft.  I am glad to see him take that passion and apply to a social cause very effectively.


I wish Mike and the team at Unitus all the very best and success in their journey.



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  1. Kintan's says:

    I was fortunate to realize very early in my career that there are "different" companies and there are…

  2. Chandana Hathi says:

    Just heard this story on NPR this morning

    They call it "Microlending Takes Off in NW", a concept that they adopted from Bangladesh. Its great to hear and read about these. How does someone contribute to this?

  3. Somasegar says:

    Hi Chandana,

    I would encourage you to visit the following location to see how you can get involved here:

  4. loc says:

    I obviously don’t know enough about MFIs, but education is also key in fighting povery. A high school equivalence degree and a certified skill will get you a job in most countries. Investing $700 (ballpark guesstimate) per household should be enough for one person in a developing country to get both in about 3 years. Once he/she gets a job, that person can partially support one of the dependences, so the second investment in this household would only be half of that initial investment in this household. Once this household has 2 working members, maybe their dependences (i.e., their children) can get higher education.

  5. Jay says:

    Thank you Soma, for blogging about Unitus.

    Working for a Microsoft Gold Partner in Wellington, I regularly read your blog.

    Based on the information provided in your blog, I became aware of Unitus and contacted them for donating money to help out debt-ridden farmers in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh through their MFI.

  6. Somasegar says:

    Hi loc,

    If you listen to some of the success stories that these guys have to say of people who quality of life improved significantly, a number of them absolutely have prioritized educating their kids.

    – somasegar

  7. Somasegar says:

    Jay – thanks for your generosity.

    – somasegar

  8. A while ago I blogged about Unitus and the great work they are doing in the area of microfinance. Currently,

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