I first heard about Sudoku when my parents sent some Sudoku puzzles for my older daughter a couple of years ago.  Clearly, some parts of the world were already getting Sudoku-frenzied.


After Europe, Japan and some other parts of Asia, the Sudoku craze is slowly gripping the United States.  The deceptively simply 81-cell grid can capture one’s attention for hours. With more than 10 raised to 21 solutions, Sudoku can challenge most of us.


But what captured my attention more than Sudoku was the implementation of the game on the ultra-mobile Tablet PC using the Microsoft .NET Framework.  The ultra-mobile Tablet PC (UMPC) runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition enabling you to use all the APIs required for full Tablet applications.  The UMPC has a smaller screen but it is touch-sensitive.  This makes it more accessible and user friendly because you can use your finger or any solid pen like object.


As a developer, on the UMPC, you can use the Mobile PC API, The Tablet PC API, WinSock2.0, Windows Power Management Functions – coupled with the productivity of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. This is just one example of a cool application for using pen and ink on a powerful, connected, ultra-mobile device.  Imagine the innovation possibilities for web browsing, email, real time communication, health-care, digital images, digital movies, digital television, gaming, education, financial management, research, GPS – the possibilities are endless.




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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    I’ve been amused HOW many of your Microsoft employees are crazy about Sudoku! I’ve attemtped to collect them all here:!70F64BC910C9F7F3!977.entry

  2. UMPC Buzz says:

    Software developers must be equally creative and logical. My hat is off to all of them because I cannot…

  3. Rajeev Gopal says:


    Do you have any idea when these UMPCs would be out in the market?



  4. loc says:

    Rajeev, check out for every info on UMPC (formerly code-named Origami).

    For those of you who are Sudokueses, I’d recommend you to stick with the intermediate level rather than advanced, because it should take under 10-15 minutes to solve one.  That’s suitable and productive to play when on breaks.

  5. AndreL says:

    I do not know Tablet PC. Do you think it is able to run a program in Excel like "Computer Aided Sudoku Excel" to download at

    It would be excellent.

  6. COlm byrne says:

    Is the Visual Studio 2005 icons okay to include in our applications and sold on as part of the application when included on the forms etc. as normal use?

  7. Sumitra Srinivasan says:

    Hello Soma,

    Very nice to see your blog here. I am especially enthused by your consistent presence in the technological domain. I realise that this is a huge commitment from you, as a doctoral researcher of technology associated with Georgia State University in Atlanta. I am researching the localization projects in technology and find that the big names associated with new "information and commnuication" technologies do not have an online presence. It is very refreshing to see that you "practise what you preach." Very gratifying to see that you encourage interaction and access. Keep it up!

    I am currently studying the proliferation of software localization projects  and would love to hear what you think of some of my observations, given your expertise. Please let me know if you would mind commenting on them and I can email you. My email address is,

    Thank you!

    Have a nice day,


  8. Somasegar says:

    Hi Sumitra,

    Good luck with your research.  At Microsoft, we are constantly looking at how we can broaden the reach of our products to customers around the world through localization.  

    – somasegar

  9. kimmy parker says:

    mabe if you made it more colorful it mite be better

  10. kimmy more says:

    610-1946 lets here your coment    

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