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Recently, I got a chance to visit Anna University in India, my alma mater, where I got my undergraduate degree ages ago.  

I was returning to the campus after a long time and it was awesome to see the progress that has happened in the University.  I was curious about one thing in particular – back when I was doing my undergrad, there were about 4 Engineering Colleges affiliated to the University.  A couple of years ago, all the Engineering Colleges in the State – about 235 of them got affiliated to the Anna University making it one of the largest universities in India and probably in the world.  This means about 400,000 engineering graduates come out of this University every year.  I wanted to find out whether this meant that the caliber of education was going down or whether the caliber of education across all these engineering colleges was going to go up.  Thankfully, the latter seems to be happening – thanks largely to the Vice Chancellor and the University system that is systematically working through the integration.

The other thing that amazes me whenever I visit a college campus is the caliber, passion and knowledge of this generation of students.  Clearly, students today know a lot more than when I was a student in my days.  That is another big reason why I personally get interested in visiting college campuses and interact with students – sort of using this as an opportunity to reinvigorate myself looking at all the potential in today’s students. 

I also had a chance to talk to all the faculty members, some of whom where my professors when I was studying.  It reminded me how much I owe to the faculty members and to the University for giving me the education and values to get me to where I am today.  No matter where I am or what I do, I always salute my teachers and professors and thank them for their teaching and coaching.


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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    This was a nice post. I visited my alma mater, IIIT Hyderabad(http:\ too recently 3 years after graduating from there.

    I also got the opportunity to visit JNTU, Hyderabad and some of the colleges affiliated to it, giving technical talks and interacting with the students there. However, as far as the uniform quality of education across all colleges is concerned.. I found that it was not quite true. The university campuses have much better faculty and laboratory facilities compared to most of the affiliated colleges. The difference in the faculty and the fewer opportunities from industry reduces the exposure the students get.

    But the fact that the students themselves are charged up is very true.. they take every opportunity to improve their employability/knowledge. They are much more aware of the advantages of going for higher education either in India/US.

  2. S.Somasegar says:

    Hi pavan,

    I agree that the university campuses are better equipped both from a faculty and a facilities perspective.  My point was that having a strong University system and a leadership helps the affiliated colleges get better in all dimensions – in terms of broadband connectivity, in terms of faculty training, in terms of a consistent syllabus, etc.  There is a long way to go, but I feel that things are definitely headed in the right direction.



  3. Khuzema says:

    Dear Mr. Somasegar,

    I have been recently to VS 2005 Launch roadshow (Kuwait), where the presentor for VS 2005 called himself Kudzu (or something like that never bother to check.

    While waiting for something he had this joke to share, where half the audience where indians, that :: he called a call center having a problem, and how he went thru the frustration with the call center guy even after telling him what is the problem being a technical expert, the call center guy made him do all the things including unpluging. Than he asked the call center guy his name first one said ‘Thomas’ and second one said ‘Abraham’. Then he said (to callcenter guy) ‘Abraham’ is not a common Hindu name and blah blah.

    What is the point in embrassing the audience and what is implied message where as I believe MS is multicultural company.

    With all this Mr. Presentor skip half of the demo mentioned in Agenda, After third attempt only he was able to show ClickOnce demo while shifting from one Virtual PC to another, and blaming it on the Beta version on his labtop.

    I thought you might be interested how your product is presented.



  4. Krithika says:


    I’m currently in CEG and in 3rd year Mech Engg. I am not very sure about the quality of education – it was revised in the year after I joined, which means my batch will be the last one to follow the previous syllabi. Most of it is out dated and has no relevance to what happens in the industry. Some professors are great and some are below par.

    In situations like these, I think the university still has a reputation because of the standards of the students who get in. THere has been no development otherwise as much as I could tell.

  5. Senthil says:


    Nice blog, Its alway nice to remeber our college and teachers annd the college days.

  6. Vasanth says:


    Views change. So please take this as my point of view…

    I am one frustrated student from Tamilnadu. I had good education all by myself. I had less teachers who actually teached me. Its like they teach me or there dont. There is no  categorisation like good, bad and the ugly…

    I read by myself. I heard from peple who talked. I learnt from the maximum exposure that I got. But as a student I am bound to get that maximum exposure if the design and execution of the Education system we as effective as the good intension behind parting good education.

    Where does it go wrong ? Why does some colleges are able to get the students the best knowledge imparted where many colleges can’t ?

    Colleges have increased but why not the quality of education ?

    But still guys in India are considered effiecient through out the world. Its pure and pure because the carrer preparation that they make for themselves than what they read during their graduation… Or what the Carrer offers them.

    You know what I can talk abt this all day. But what triggered me off and what the solution is PROPER ORGANISATION.

    Not this VC. But one VC can be one able to do it all.

    I think there are more important issues to be changed before changing the Dress Code of the Students. Man the Adminstration should grow up… is Dress far more important now ? Anyways they are going to do it in or out.

    People should get their pririties right.

    -Vinodh VasanthKumar. N.

  7. chinese says:

    hi, i aslo love my alma mater!

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