"Made in Express"

This week we launched a new contest I wanted to tell you about called the Made In Express Contest. 

The idea of the contest is to highlight cool people doing cool things using our Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express products.  As we speak, contestants are currently submitting their ideas for projects.  From those ideas, 12 finalists will be selected to build their projects and then compete head-to-head with each other.  The Grand Prize winner will get $10,000, and there are additional prizes as well, including a Community Choice as voted by you.

So I encourage you to have some fun with this contest, and maybe you’ll win $10,000!



Comments (5)

  1. wOOdy says:

    Will there be also a "Made in FoxPro" contest?

  2. Pranav says:

    I just tried entering the contest, but i think there is an error in their verification.  It would not accept the information in "What would you build…".   My response is less than 250 words, but still an error shows.  I did not see a contact e-mail on that site and that is why I am posting this here, hoping that someone can respond.


  3. jmarkjewett says:

    Our contest vendor is not seeing any errors in the application.  Note that the actual limit is 1,200 characters and not 250 words, but the validation should warn you if you go over the amount, allowing you to correct it and submit.  Can you try again?  If you’re still experiencing problems, please send email to expresscontest@mardenkane.com.

  4. Pranav says:

    Thanks for the information.  The limit seem to be 1,200 charcters (with spaces).  I also saw that there was no e-mail address provided thereif one had more questions.  One of the thing I was wondering about was does the contest allow using Application Blocks.  Again thanks for your help.

  5. jmarkjewett says:

    Assume you’re talking about the App Blocks as referenced here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/practices/guidetype/appblocks/ ?  If yes, then you’re free to use these as long of course as it works in one of the VS or SQL Express versions.

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