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The Expression Tools team recently started a team blog site.  If you are interested in hearing from the team members who are building the Expression family of tools (Graphic Designer, Interactive Designer and Web Designer) or want to interact with the team, I encourage you to visit this site.




Comments (2)

  1. M.Sha says:

    What are the differece between Expression and WinFx? As a Visual studio developer should i have to learn lot to upgrade to Expression or Winfx? Clarification needed please. Thanks.

  2. Brad Becker says:


    The Expression tools are tools for professional designers. WinFX is a platform that includes presentation, communication, and workflow capabilities. It’s not an upgrade, it’s a revolution. 🙂 There are things you will be able to do with WinFX that you just couldn’t do before so I think for most people there will certainly be a learning curve. This is mitigated by the fact that you can use the same languages and tools you’re using now (C#/VB.NET in Visual Studio, etc). The Expression products are a way to let professional designers work better with developers in creating content and applications. For more info on Expression you can go to

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