Coding4Fun Holiday Gift Guide

One of the great things about our developer community is the sheer breadth of developers we have using Microsoft tools, from high-end enterprise developers building mission-critical applications using Visual Studio Team System to hobbyists, enthusiasts, students and novices using Visual Studio Express for their pet projects.


Just in time for the holidays, our Coding4Fun team has published the Coding4Fun Holiday Gift Guide.


This gift guide is unique in that it’s written specifically for developers with almost all of the gifts including an API that you can programmatically write code with.  So whether you want to learn how to program the new XBOX 360 controllers, or how to program a Streets and Trips GPS receiver, the Coding4Fun Holiday Gift Guide is a must-see for all your holiday needs.



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  1. Shiva says:

    Hi somasegar,

    I love reading your blog. am working as a R&D Manager in an MNC in india. i’ve been working in micrsoft technologies for the past 7 years and 2005 is really a boon to developer community. Thanks to microsoft and the people who drived for that! this is my blog just give me some inputs for me.



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