A world of opportunities!

As we head into the holidays, I wanted to take a moment to reflect what we have accomplished this past year and my excitement moving forward.   


Without a doubt, the release of Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 was our biggest accomplishment this year.  The excitement generated by this product launch is unprecedented.  In the 4 short years since we launched .NET, we have become the #1 trusted platform for customers to run their mission critical systems, with virtually every company in Global 1000 building on .NET.  Another big highlight of the year was the huge developer excitement that we saw at the PDC 2005 with Atlas, VSTA, IIS 7.0, LINQ, and our Expression Suite of products.  We have an excellent partner ecosystem for Visual Studio.


I also want to take this opportunity to say a big “thank you” to the community and our customers and partners.  You have been an invaluable partner in giving us feedback, in helping us build and deliver the right products and infusing us with your enthusiasm, energy and excitement at the launch and other events.  Thank you!


Looking forward, I am excited about the opportunities ahead of us - our entry in the software development lifecycle space, the kinds of development experiences that we can enable on the client, the Expression products under development that will enable seamless designer developer workflows, continued innovation work in languages, the strides we are making in application customization, the rich partner ecosystem and our Express editions of Visual Studio and the broad reach we are seeing in the hobbyist and academic community for the same.  I see opportunities, opportunities and more opportunities!


I wish you all a great Holiday season and a Happy New Year.



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  1. Khuzema says:

    Mr. Somasegar, hi from Kuwait.

    How come you release VS 2005 (such a big platform) and no sample for Enterprise development like Duwamish for VS 2005. MSDN team response is, there is no such thing as Enterprise sample application, follow Pattern & Practice instead. True, P&P has a good information, but IMHO, they are piece by piece code. It would be highly appreciated by your partners/developers/vs community to have a enterprise sample application which utilizes Enterprise library block and some of the best feature available in VS 2005.

    I hope we will we be heard. Pls reply.


  2. Somasegar says:

    Customers have told us that our first order of business was to update enterprise library 1.0 to take advantage of vs2005. The patterns and practices team has done just that. They’re in the final stages of testing enterprise library 2.0 and it will ship in the coming weeks. In addition, we agree that showing an enterprise sample (referenece implementation) that shows how to take advantage of some new vs2005 features and uses enterprise library is an important deliverable. The patterns & practices team is building that as well. They’re about to kick off the project and i’d suggest that you join them in community and share your requirements / thoughts on what should be included. Tom Hollander (tomholl@microsoft.com) is the product manager for enterprise library & the enterprise reference implementation.

    – somasegar

  3. Khuzema says:

    Thank you Sir, I am reading your blog since last few months. About the updates on VS 2005. We were working with the VS 2005 since Beta 1. We were using Duwamish Architecture for reference, we were hoping that definetly with final release (RTM) there will be new Enterprise reference application.

    I am personally keen user of Application Block and member of community and eagerly waiting for final release of Entlib v2.0 though in between we are using CTP release.

    But I did not know P&P is working on Reference Application as well (for VS 2005), thats welcome news. We would definetly participate in it.

    [I would not like to bother you in your holidays, but if you kindly in your future post provide link to it.]

    regards & Merry christmas



  4. Toro says:

    Too bad about all the bugs in VS 2005…I can’t get anyone informed to switch 🙁

  5. Hi Somasegar,

    Wishing you all Very happy New Year 2006 – VS & SQL Team !!

    No doubt about 2005, you MS guys really worked hard and proved.

    Expecting Vista launch and wishing for VS 2005



  6. MSDNArchive says:

    Hi Toro –

    I’m sorry to hear of your general dissatisfaction with VS2005 and the hard luck it sounds like you’ve had evangelizing it to others. I’d love to hear details about what you’ve found and see if we can’t help you work through the issues you’ve been encountering. If you’re willing to share more, please email me directly – ericpe@microsoft.com – and I will work to get the right folks engaged.

    Alternatively, you are always welcome to post product feedback and questions on the MSDN Forums and on the Product Feedback Center. We are very interested in making you successful with Visual Studio and look forward to the opportunity to help resolve the issues you are facing.

    Thanks much!

    Eric Peterson


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