Chat w/Ken Levy on VB.Net

Ken Levy recently came and chatted with me about VB.NET in Visual Studio 2005 for a channel 9 posting.  Ken, as you probably know, has been a long term fan, advocate, customer, product planner and a team member of the Visual Fox Pro team in the Developer Division.  He has been a community leader in the FoxPro community and is helping share his learnings and best practices on community engagement with other teams in the division.


It was quite fun to do this w/Ken and you can see it here.



Comments (2)

  1. Mayur Tendulkar says:


    Its gr8 to see you on Channel 9. I’ve read almost all of your blogs.

    I’ve been using VS2005 since its CTP releases. I’ve also tried Beta 1 & 2. Now I’m going to get Full Version.

    From each version, you have modified it in aswesome product. The functionality, productivity is increased.

    In old day, many times we say, ‘we’re DEVELOPING a software application’. Now we can say, ‘We’re DESIGNING a software application’. Its really easy to do with VS2005.

    Its surely going to help students and developers like me to develop smart applications.


  2. loc says:

    Sometimes, I wonder what’s like to lead some 2000 of the greatest talents in the field. And I would expect more out of your division after the master quality.

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