The journey

Without going into any details, I can tell you that this whole week has been quite an interesting, learning and humbling experience for me.  Thankfully, it has nothing to do with Visual Studio 2005 or .NET Framework 2.0, but nonetheless work related. 

I always tell myself and others that "The journey is the most important thing - not the destination".  I had to keep repeating that to myself several times this week.

If you have looked at what happens in the life of a salmon, they swim  afar from home (sometimes several thousand miles) and then at some point in time they start swimming back to their birth place, so to speak, only to spawn and die when they reach the destination.  Sort of makes you realize why you have to focus on "the journey is the most important thing" and not necessarily on the "destination".


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  1. You post has an ominous feeling about it. I hope I’m wrong…


  2. Somasegar says:

    Hi Jonas,

    I wasn’t trying to be an alarmist. There isn’t anything ominous. Things aren’t actually that bad. It was just an unfortunate sequence of events that had me philosophical. Thanks for the concern.

    – somasegar

  3. Bill C says:

    On your next journey take a phone card and call home.

  4. loc says:

    You would think I’m lying if I say there’s nothing bad that can happen in my life. No unfortunate sequence of events can get me down. It’s because I have this intense desire to overcome everything and make it right. I believe all humans have super power inside of them, they just don’t know/realize about it. I’m not joking, and feel free to laugh at me. But when you discover how strong you can be, you’ll excitingly love every challenge thrown your way during the journey.

    I know you have this strength, too, so I’m not concerned about you, Soma.

  5. loc says:

    If anyone doesn’t believe me, I can give a long-time and solid example (which I don’t want to brag about it to everyone – only on the need-to-know basis)

    CHEERS 🙂

  6. mini-fan says:

    Hey, VS2005 sucks. See Mini-Microsoft for details.

    I’m a shareholder. Will you take responsibility for shipping a sub-par product with so many known blockers and frustrations, and resign?

    Let’s slim down Microsoft into a lean, mean, efficient customer pleasing profit making machine! Mini-Microsoft, Mini-Microsoft, lean-and-mean!

  7. John Walker says:


    You are total slime. Someone has just said they’ve had a tough week and you want to pile on. Get a life.

  8. Andre says:

    Soma, if more people had your positive outlook the world would be a much better place. It shows in the quality of your products. Needless to say, I am very excited about using the 2005 tools.

  9. Aayush Puri says:

    And as the saying goes – Its good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

  10. Chandana says:

    Glad to read that all is well.

  11. parry says:


    Congratulations on shipping a great product – it’s no mean feat. Keep the spirits high and best luck in your future endeavours.


  12. Somasegar says:

    Thanks to folks for their wishes!

    – somasegar

  13. Frank says:

    I installed VS2005 and i am already thinking about going back to VS2003.

    The thing is slowwwwww and buggy..

    please get us a service pack soon.

  14. loc says:

    I’d rather have a bumpy journey to my destination, and I got what I wish for. It’s a fun ride!

  15. staceyw says:

    "The thing is slowwwwww and buggy."

    Not here. Must be some stuff left over in your machine from various betas, etc. What bugs are you finding?

  16. scottwil says:

    Frank, you comment above regarding performance and bugs in VS 2005. We would like to understand your feedback in more detail.

    The MSDN Feedback Center,, is a great way to provide feedback, as it plugs directly into our product development process and ensures follow-up on every issue.

    If you prefer to interact with one of our product team members, please send me mail —



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