channel 9 – Here I come!

Recently, Andy Lees (VP of Server and Tools Marketing), Ted Kummert (VP of BizTalk Server) and I had a chance to interact with Robert Scoble and Jennifer Ritzinger at Microsoft for channel 9.  You can view this channel 9 session here 


This gave us an opportunity to talk about what is top of mind for us as we are winding down on Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 and get ready for the launch of these products along with BizTalk Server 2006 on November 7th.  



Comments (4)

  1. Ryan Hoffman says:

    Great job in the video! I’m a Microsoft Student Ambassador, and I’m planning to have a fun launch event at my university for Visual Studio 2005 / SQL Server 2005.

    All the new stuff is absolutely amazing. As a developer who spends the entire day in Visual Studio, I can’t get over how much my experience has improved (I just didn’t think it could get any better!).

  2. Ian Ceicys says:

    I’m an MVP and a former student ambassador.

    Thank you for talk at PDC…and the great talk at the summit.

    Also….thanks for showing up on channel 9.

    Great video and I’m really looking forward to the launch events.

    Keep up the good work and keep pushing teams to show up on channel 9.

  3. loc says:

    great show with exciting info. Can’t wait till november 6th 11:50 pm to download them.

    Thanks for all the hard work in building our tools.

  4. S.Somasegar says:

    Thanks for being community pillars (student ambassador, MVP) for Microsoft. Your support is very invaluable and is a key part of our success and our developers’ success.

    I would love to hear how the launch event in your university goes.

    – somasegar

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