Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 shipped!

  Earlier today, we shipped Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0!   This is by far the best Visual Studio and .NET Framework release that we have ever done.  I am very proud to be a part of the team that did a phenomenal job of delivering this fantastic product.  I also want to…


Dream big

Last week I had a chance to talk about Leadership to a group of senior managers in one of the business groups at Microsoft.  One nugget that I shared with that crowd is something that I wanted to share broadly.   In my opinion, the first and foremost leadership attribute is the ability to Dream…


MVP Summit

We recently hosted a conference for our Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs).  Over a thousand of our MVPs for all products attended the summit from all over the world.  From a timing perspective, this was great having this right on the heels of the PDC.  This gave us a chance to drill down deeper on a…


Key trends in software development

I keep getting asked frequently what some of the key trends are that I see which will have a big impact on how we develop software.  Here are five such trends that come to my mind:   Concurrency:  What’s next with microprocessors?  If you talk to the major computer chip manufacturers, they would tell you…


channel 9 – Here I come!

Recently, Andy Lees (VP of Server and Tools Marketing), Ted Kummert (VP of BizTalk Server) and I had a chance to interact with Robert Scoble and Jennifer Ritzinger at Microsoft for channel 9.  You can view this channel 9 session here.     This gave us an opportunity to talk about what is top of mind for…


Why do I blog?

I have often been asked as to why I blog.   The answer is: –          writing helps me crystallize my thoughts –          gives me an instantaneous worldwide audience –          enables me to have a 2-way dialog with the community   Blogging is a great way to have a 2-way dialog and conversation on topics that…


Security Guidance for Applications

One of the biggest requests from our customers is for us to share what we have learnt and know about writing secure software with developers around the world.  Our Patterns and Practices team has done just that.  Here is the index to the security guidance.  The Patterns and Practices team partnered with teams in the…



With the advent of October, we are getting into yet another Holiday season.  Microsoft has kicked off the annual giving campaign.  This is an annual event where our employees’ generosity coupled with the company’s dollar for dollar matching policy (up to a certain dollar amount) has made Microsoft the leader in per capita employee giving….