Enterprise Library and .NET Framework 2.0

The Enterprise Library is a library of modifiable source code application blocks that our PAG team (Prescriptive Architecture Guidance) put out earlier this year.  I have been pleasantly surprised at the uptake (or should I say download) of these application blocks.  The goal for these application blocks is to serve as a starting point for some of the most common enterprise development scenarios.  Since the Applications Blocks are released in the form of modifiable source code, we cannot service compatibility issues found in blocks modified by our customers.  Developers who modify these blocks need to incorporate the fixes and then recompile and redistribute their applications.


Recently, we found a NET framework 2.0 compatibility issue during one of our Compatibility Developer Labs when one of the customers we brought in tested their application against the July CTP.   For those of you who are using the application blocks from Enterprise Library and are looking to have your application run with .NET Framework 2.0, you should read about the problem and the fix at the compatibility patch knowledge base article.



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