World-ready Visual Studio

Recently, I got asked by a number of people about what we do to enable our products to be world-ready.


We had two areas of focus for globalization and localization support in Visual Studio 2005.  The first area is what I refer to as “worldwide enabling”, that is, adding support that any user can build an application in any language supported by Windows and the .NET Framework.  The second area is localization – what features can we add to our product to make it easier to build localized applications. 


Windows is continually updating the number of languages and locale data with each release, and sometimes adds new languages in language packs.  Our goal is to ensure that Visual Studio will be able to handle every new language and locale that is added, and that our customers will be able to use their own language in Visual Studio and build applications that display any language.  Additionally, we wanted Visual Studio to run on the Multilingual User Interface (MUI) version of Windows.  To this end, we added more Unicode support in than the previous version, and customers can now run any language version of VS on Windows MUI.  You can even install two language versions on a single machine and switch between UI languages.  We’ve added support for Unicode Supplementary Characters or Surrogate pairs in many areas, which is important for language which have characters which cannot fit into the traditional Unicode range. 



Comments (3)

  1. igor.olikh says:

    I am not sure but I think that every programmer MUST read English. I can’t speak and write English without mistakes but I have no problems to read English.

    How can you develop without knowing words like loop, if, then, partical, inherits, implements, reference etc.


  2. dru says:

    VS 2k3 pet peeve. there is no way to set the default file encoding as UTF-8 with signature. Argh, please fix someone.

  3. loc says:

    On the other hand, wouldn’t these features be irrelevant and unnecessary in some cases (applications that aren’t international)? Do you realize how long it already takes to install VS2005? I want to be able to select just the core components to install, and all other to be installed afterward in the background while I can get some work done as soon as possible.

    Same for installing Windows. I just finished installing XP on this temp pc because Vista x64 beta doesn’t support my wireless adapter. It took me about an hour (with minimal custom settings)! This system doesn’t have or need RAID, SCSI, floppy drive, remote desktop, sound card, modem, printer, game controllers, games, MSN Explorer, Outlook Express, windows media player, etc. What good is Outlook Express or Remote Desktop when it’s not online anyway? A lot of fancy things like these can be installed later in the background. Sure, some people might want to completely install it once and be done with it, then give them options for full installation or 2-pass installation.

    An hour to install the OS or VStudio is unacceptable. I bet it can be cut in half at the very least. Let’s set new and better standards.

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