Visual Studio 2005 Release Candidate

Earlier today, we reached another very significant milestone for Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0.  At the Professional Developer’s Conference in Los Angeles, we made the first Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2005 available to attendees and MSDN subscribers.


We continue to be on track to complete the product and launch with SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk Server 2006 on November 7, 2005 in San Francisco.  The San Francisco launch event is only the beginning of our “world-wide rolling launch season”.  In the months after the San Francisco event, we will hold nearly 100 additional events in major cities around the world.  Moreover, thanks to user group leaders, student consultants, and other partners, we expect to augment these launch events with over 750 regional launch events.  All together, the SQL Server, BizTalk Server, and Visual Studio launches represent the single largest Microsoft product launch event in history.


I want to encourage all of you to come out and see a launch event for yourself.  In addition to deep technical education and an opportunity to meet with the Microsoft employees who designed and built these products, you’ll be able to win valuable prizes and even free products.  To sign up for a launch event near you, please visit the launch portal site on 


Thank you all for your continued support.  We’re excited to deliver the best product in the history of Developer Division and look forward to meeting you over the coming months.



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  1. radicalmente says:

    Somasegar annuncia che VS.NET
    2005 ha raggiunto (finalmente) la RC1

    Thank you all for your

  2. tim says:

    The launch site shows more countries that just the US, but there is no way to sign up for them… I’m in the UK

  3. Ben says:

    I would like to know when (if?) beta program members will get access to RC1. I have been using Beta 2 for several months and posted several bugs duting that time. I would like to get RC1 but am not an MSDN subscriber or PDC attendee. Thanks.

  4. techSage says:

    Since SQL Server 2005 September CTP is public now and it requires Visual Studio 2005 RC, how can we get VS 2005 RC if we are not MSDN Subscribers or PDC attendees?

  5. Wallace says:

    Now the RC1 has been released, is there any word on when Team Foundation Server Beta 3 will be available to MSDN Subscribers?

  6. Yesterday Soma posted an entry that we have made available the first Release Candidate of Visual…

  7. Somasegar says:

    TFS Beta3 is done and will be available via the MSDN download center for all MSDN subscribers sometime next week.

    – somasegar

  8. Having downloaded and installed the Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Release Candidate, I was starting to…

  9. msvista says:


    Thanks for the update. But still am not able to see the VS 2005 under RC release from the MSDN subscribers downloads.

  10. Yesterday Soma posted an entry that we have made available the first Release Candidate of Visual…

  11. Eric Nelson says:

    Yesterday I picked up a VS 2005 release candidate from the PDC – which was a surprise and a very nice…

  12. Eric Nelson says:

    Yesterday I picked up a VS 2005 release candidate from the PDC – which was a surprise and a very nice…

  13. Wallace says:

    After installing VS2005 RC1, I don’t seem to see the Team Explorer tab and any other tools for connecting to TFS. Has this been removed from RC1? Or is there another way to get to it?

  14. Somasegar says:

    Hi Tim,

    Each of our subsidiaries around the world will be rolling out their event sign-up forms over the next couple of weeks. You shoudl be able to sign up for the UK launch event then.

    – somasegar

  15. devindra says:


    Can you please contact me at

    I would like to discuss the feasibility of getting you RC1 of Visual Studio 2005.


  16. Somasegar says:

    Several folks have asked about where they can get the RC bits from. If you are a MSDN subscriber, you can go up to and sign in to get access to the RC bits.

    – somasegar

  17. Todd Girvin says:

    Looks like the VS RC1 Team Suite package posted for download doesn’t include the Team Server plug-in. Maybe we should call this one the "Me Suite" since you have the tools for any role but can’t take part in team interaction. Any word on how to get the Team Suite plug-in?

  18. Mike says:

    I got the VS RC1 bits at PDC..yea! But am really interested in getting the Biztalk 2006 Beta 1 working with it…which the doc’s say currently work with VS Beta2.

    Will RC1 work with Biztalk 06 Beta1?? I attempted to install Beta1 after installing RC1, and I got prompted with the missing requirement of the .NET Framework Beta2, even though I had installed RC1…which is disappointing.

    Considering the annoucement for all these technologoes is Nov 7th(I realize biztalk won’t be released), when will I be able to use VS RC1 with Biztalk 2006? Or do I need to move back to VS Beta 2?


  19. Martin Ennemoser says:

    Will there be updated versions of various .NET Framework 2.0 dependent products like WinFX which work with RC1 or do we have to wait for the final release of .NET Framework 2.0?

  20. Dave Hyland says:

    Very keen to dwnload and get a look but can’t find the VS 2005 RC in the MSDN Subsc downloads – I can only see the Team Test Load agent RC. Has it been removed?


  21. Anthony says:

    Is this going to be part of next months MSDN shipment? I don’t want to download it if it is.


  22. fizzmaster says:

    Where is the professional edition RC at? I would like to run against SourceSafe or I am missing something here?

  23. Diego Vega says:

    Soma, no Go Live License for RC? With beta 2 is is too hard to get real work done by comparison.

  24. Arnie Marx says:

    Like someone else posted, I really want to download the rc but I only see the Team Test Load Agent under vs2005 release candidate at subscriber downloads.

  25. Somasegar says:

    A number of people have asked about Go-live for the RC build. Please visit for information about RC and go-live.

    – somasegar

  26. Luke says:

    As per post "[the Visual Studio RC] will be made available to our MSDN subscribers, early adopters, and beta customers."

    I can’t seem to find a link on MSDN that will allow beta 2 customers (non-subscribers) to order or download the RC…

    As a professional user developing for beta 2 for a while, I’ve been looking forward to the RC for a while now. Have the plans for availability for us non-subscribers changed?

  27. Diego Vega says:

    Soma, about the Go-Live License for RC: THANKS!

  28. Jay Hodges says:

    I heard that the image handling features in the beta have been removed from the release candidate. Are there any plans to put them back in?

  29. In a few days from now, come November 7th, the world of software development and developers would take…

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