PDC 2005

Thank you for the overwhelming response to this year’s Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference.  

I personally get super excited about the PDC for two reasons – 1) it gives us a chance to show off some of the latest and greatest technologies that teams are hard at work in Microsoft and 2) a chance to interact with developers from around the world to understand what we are doing well and more importantly where we can do better.

We have got a very interesting set of things to showcase at PDC – both from the Developer Division as well as from other parts of the company.  

We did sell out on registration as of a week or so ago.  If you would like to be added to the wait list, please click here. If you can’t attend in person, you can watch all sessions via DVD.

I am looking forward to attending PDC 2005 and hope to interact with at least some of you there.


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  1. loc says:

    I could understand why the sessions are so expensive, but selling those DVD sets for 500 bucks is the stupidest thing. Now, maybe the demand is so much greater than supply. But still, it doesn’t take a lot of resources to produce those DVDs. A lot of people will desperately want to have access to knowledge, but some can’t pay that price, man. I’ll just have to settle for the Web casts and other online articles from the PDC.

    Knowledge should be cheap, if not free and unlimited, to the general public. Great things happen when people have more knowledge. That’s one thing you can do better.

  2. What with a typical reference book costing $40-60 , I find $500 to be a decent deal for the vast amount of information you will be receiving.

  3. loc says:

    Personally, I would rather buy 10 books with that much money. =)

    The price should be at most $100 to be reasonable to me.

  4. Mr. Somasegar,

    On behalf of Evans Data Corporation, I would like to personally invite you to keynote at our upcoming Developer Relations Conference in February of 2006 in San Francisco.

    Evans Data Corp held its first annual Developer Relations Conference this past March. I’ve requested for you to be a keynote at the 2006 show (through Microsoft’s speaker/pass request form online) as our evaluation forms from the 2005 show indicated that attendees wanted to hear Microsoft speak about Developer Programs. We also had several Microsoft employees attend as well.

    The February 2006 show will be more exciting with multiple tracks addressing the Business, Marketing & Technical issues surrounding Developer Programs.

    We have a keynote from IBM speaking again and if you are unable to speak, perhaps Eric Rudder or Sanjay Parthasarathy could speak?

    Please let me know…feel free to call me directly at 831.425.8003 or email me at abellas@evansdata.com

    Many respects,

    Alisha Bellas

    Senior Marketing Manager

    Evans Data Corporation

    831.425.8451 (main)

  5. mswanson says:

    loc…thought I’d jump-in to answer your question, since I’m helping put together the post-show conference DVD set. Like you, I was surprised at the cost, until I started to realize how much work goes into creating this DVD set. We record four different streams of information (video of the speaker, presentation machine, demo machine, and audio) for each of over 150 sessions that we give. Then, we hand this content off to a company that has to synchronize all of those streams, edit together the flow (so you see the demo video at the appropriate time, for example), and index the content for each session. Then, they have to integrate the experience along with links to PowerPoint files and any related collateral like code samples. It takes a lot of people a lot of time (over 4 weeks) both on-site at the PDC and post-event to produce this DVD set.

    That said, for the first time ever, we’re shipping the post-event DVD to every PDC attendee at no additional cost. And, for people who can’t attend, we were able to keep the cost as low as it was for the PDC 2003 event two years ago. There’s now so much great content to deliver that we have to ship 3 DVDs—one more than we’ve shipped in the past.

    The best news, however, is that you’ll still be able to view all of this content online at no cost.

    We agree that “knowledge should be cheap, if not free and unlimited, to the general public.”

  6. loc says:

    Thanks for the info. Got me thrilled =)

    Can we buy certain sessions off the website? If you got 150 sessions for $500, then each session would cost less than 5 bucks, and most people are only interested in certain topics/sessions.

  7. mswanson says:

    loc…you’re very welcome. I’ve seen a few of the PDC05 dry-runs, and I’m thrilled myself!

    To answer your question, although you’ll be able to view the sessions on the web site for free, we don’t have any plans for ordering custom DVDs. It’s an interesting idea, though.

    Hope to see you there!

  8. loc says:

    oh I was thinking about paying a small price to download a session (kind of like downloading a song for 99c)

    That way people can watch them at lunch break or anytime/anywhere offline.

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