Universal Language

What is the universal language, if any?


Humanity, kindness, love, etc. comes to mind as a potential answer for this question.  This is what I would have answered until yesterday.  Today, I am here in the beautiful city of Yokohoma, Japan to participate in the Imagine Cup 2005 finals.  Seeing the students from all over the world - representing over 44 different countries - in the Imagine Cup Finals made me realize that the answer to the above mentioned question is – “Technology is the universal language”. 


It almost feels like a mini-UN gathering here, seeing the students from different parts of the world, different nationalities, different cultures, different languages, different styles all coming together because of one reason – their passion for technology, their enthusiasm to channel their creativity and innovation into real-world applications using technology.



Comments (6)

  1. Ogre says:

    The correct answer was "esperanto"! 🙂

  2. X.Static says:

    I would have said either math or music…but being the geek I am, technology works for me :-).

  3. loc says:

    wish I could find a team one day.

  4. Duncan says:

    The meaning of a tool is its usage so technology alone cannot be a universal language. It’s all just ones and zeroes 😉

  5. rburhum says:

    It cannot be the universal language since not everyone speaks it. I think your previous answer was closer to the correct one 🙂

  6. R. Blouin says:

    Technology? Really? Of the 6+ billion people on earth, less than 60% have access to a telephone, and less than 10% have access to a computer. We of the technology community have over-inflated egos. Music, as was mentioned before, has been an exclusive human characteristic that predates even speech. Everybody sings, everybody dances. And frankly, we should do it more often, in company, instead of staying in the dark by ourselves, glued to our screens.

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