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I blogged the other day about Arfa, who became a MCP when she was just 9 years old.


Todd Bishop with the Seattle PI wrote a very interesting article that profiles Arfa which got published yesterday.  Alongside the article, Todd also put up audio snippets of his conversation with Arfa that you can hear which is fascinating. 



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  1. vo says:

    Wow, so impressive. So, according to the article, she is the world youngest MCAD also?

    When I have children, she will definitely set a good example for them. Heck, even for myself, too.

    But I would wish to advise her to never stop learning, if she ever reads this comment. There’s no such thing as "enough". I have a friend who got his MCP at 17 several years ago, but at some point in college his interest kind of stopped. Though I’m quite sure Arfa will be inspired all the way, having met BG and you.

    Be excellent, Arfa!

  2. MS is BIASED ! says:

    And why is it that Microsoft did not invite Chandrasekar, the 9 year old who became a MCP in ’99 to Redmond ? (Source : )

    Was this girl invited because she’s a Paki ?

  3. Adnan Masood says:

    Very inspiring,a gifted child. Keep it up Arfa!

    PS. It won’t be Namaste! but Salam

  4. Umer says:

    Arfa you are amazing. God gifted!

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