Source Control in VS2005

One of the questions I keep getting asked a lot is how do I think about Visual Source Safe versus the new one that will be a part of Team Foundation Server with Visual Studio 2005.

Developers working alone, or on a small team can enjoy the improvements made to Visual Source Safe 2005Along with rich integration with the Visual Studio 2005 IDE, remote access over HTTP, performance and stability improvements, and Unicode support are all part of Visual Source Safe 2005.  With these key additions and improvements, Visual Source Safe 2005 continues to be an excellent option for developers looking for a cost-effective, desktop-based source control solution.

For those developers who are looking for a complete collaboration platform, Team Foundation Server is their best option.  Team Foundation Server is the foundation for the newly introduced Visual Studio 2005 Team System – a fully integrated, software development lifecycle tool.  Team Foundation Server provides a robust source control system, integrated work items, and dynamic reports, all built on SQL Server 2005.  When combined with Visual Studio Team System, everyone that is part of a software project – architects, project managers, testers, and developers – can be part of an integrated, productive environment that helps tame the most challenging of projects.


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  1. Source Control in Visual Studio 2005

  2. Visual Studio Team System

    The big news around Team System at the moment is the announcement on Rick…

  3. Hey folks,

    A few days ago someone sent this comment through the blog:

    Have not seen you guys post here…

  4. padmakar says:

    Is it possible to use Visual source safe 2005 with ides other than visual 2005.  What need to be done, if we have to do it?

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