Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey) Beta 2 ships!

Late last week, we signed off on Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2.  I know that a lot of you have been eagerly and anxiously waiting for Beta2 and here we go.  The Beta 2 bits went live on MSDN this past weekend. 

In addition to meeting all of the quality goals that we had set for this release, we also had sign-off from 10 early adopter customers for Beta 2.  This is the first time we involved our customers in signing off on the release.  This is one more step forward in our quest for complete transparency.

With Beta 2, I am excited to say that we are delivering on our commitment of providing a “Go-Live” license for Visual Studio 2005.  This enables customers to deploy, in production environment, applications (web, client and mobile) built on Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 family of products.  I do encourage you to learn more about the Go-Live license before deploying applications in your production environment. 

We are delivering the complete family of Visual Studio 2005 products with this Beta 2 release.  This is right on track in terms of delivering on our vision of “personalized productivity” targeting professional developers, enterprise developers working in a team environment, and non-professional (hobbyist, enthusiast, academic) developers.  At a high level, the family of Visual Studio 2005 products includes:

  • Visual Studio 2005 Express SKUs

  • Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition

  • Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition

  • Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Microsoft Office

  • Visual Studio 2005 Team System

This is not the comprehensive list of all the SKUs that we are shipping, but gives you a high level view of the family of products that comprise VS2005. 

I am eagerly looking forward to hearing your feedback on Visual Studio 2005 Beta2.


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