Live Chat with Eric Rudder on 3/18 about VS2005

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, code named Whidbey, will radically improve developer productivity while continuing to provide full access to the Microsoft .NET Framework.  If early feedback from our beta customers is any indication, this will move the dial significantly on developer productivity and enable what I call “personalized” productivity.   


Eric Rudder, the Senior Vice President for Server and Tools, will join us live on March 18th along with members of the Whidbey team to tackle your Whidbey questions.  Here is a great opportunity to chat with Eric and ask him whatever is on your mind about Visual Studio 2005.


Time: 10:00am Pacific time [view additional time zones]

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  1. S. Somasegar says:

    And, I would love to hear your feedback if you get a chance to participate in the chat tomorrow morning.

    – somasegar

  2. Eric Rudder made a proforma statement about VB6, to the effect that Microsoft was banking on VB.NET, support for VB6 is "transitioning" (i.e. winding down as per schedule), Whidbey "helps" migration in carefully unstated ways, and Office 12 will have VBA (but nothing was said about the longer term future of VBA).

    He was not interested in engaging with any questions that were asked, but instead went on to other issues.

    All in all, it amounted to a deafening silence directed towards the VB6 developer community. He gave the impression that he hoped the issue would just go away.

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