“Bug of the Week” award

Since the launch of the MSDN Product Feedback Center, we have been getting a steady stream of your (customer) feedback on bugs that you encounter, suggestions for product improvements, features that you deeply care about, etc.  Each and every piece of feedback submitted to us via this mechanism is very valuable and gets read by the appropriate team in the product group.  If it is a bug, then the team goes through the standard process of triaging and fixing the bugs.  If it is a feature enhancement or a new feature request, then the team evaluates that in light of the other features and commitments and makes a decision.  Wherever possible, we go back and let the customer know what we are doing with their feedback.


Recently, we had an idea to do something fun that serves both as a way to show our appreciation for the time you spend with our product in giving us feedback and to recognize your contribution in the community.  The idea is to identify a “Bug of the Week” that is mostly tied to the number of votes a particular bug gets as well as some other criteria that the team has defined.  Though we send the submitter a signed award certificate and a few token gifts for their effort, the real focus of this program is to recognize the members of the developer community that are making a significant impact on the product and say a big “thank you” on behalf of the team. 


This week’s Bug of the Week highlights the bug with the most votes.  This bug is also a great example of the feedback system working.  We resolved this issue as “By Design” but the submitter reopened the issue, and others have made their voices heard as well in the discussion and via voting.  Though in some cases we may not be able to Fix the bug, we will provide the rationale and consider the issue in the future. In some cases we do implement features because of the overwhelming customer feedback.  For example, the suggestion to add edit and continue support for Visual C# received 396 votes and we included that feature in the product.


My sincerest thanks to all the customers that use the Product Feedback Center, I hope you too will submit a future “Bug of the Week”.


- Namaste!

Comments (2)

  1. i dont like the idea

    1) should be named diffrent like "non profit attendee of the week" 😉

    2) i dislike the promotion which is made for submitted bugs. Some people post in their weblogs to vote for their Bug/Suggest. At the end it seems a lot of custumers have given feedback to a special thing, but the truth is that the major part never take a look at the feedback center (eg Vb6 guys)

  2. AT says:

    Yea … There a lot of problems with "most promoted" bug/suggestion compared to most valuable suggestions.

    In the time as I like "Bug of Week" program – I would like Microsoft find a way to reward all others bug/suggestion reporters and write a few words in resolution to their reports.

    I see there are a lot of suggestions unanswered by Microsoft people. :-((

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