Differences between Express products and the rest of the VS2005 family

When I posted my blog about all the exciting news that we announced at TechEd Europe from the Developer land at Microsoft, I got a lot of queries and comments from people wanting to know the differences between the Express products and the other products in the Visual Studio 2005 family.


Check out this document which provides a quick look into the differences between the Express products and the Professional Edition and the Visual Studio Team System of the VS2005 family of products.


Please note that this is work in progress as we are still in the development process and things may change.  But this gives you an idea of the kind of differentiation that we are looking at between these various editions and flavors of the VS2005 product.



Comments (8)

  1. Montaque says:

    Does the new Visual Basic Support XML Comment?

  2. SteveLee says:

    Yes, in Whidbey (VB 2005) Visual Basic supports XML comments in the editor, with IntelliSense support. –Steven (stevelee at microsoft.com)

  3. Sudhakar says:

    God! Spam on blogs?

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