Code compare utility in MorphX on EP User controls

To enable the code compare utility in MorphX on EP user controls , edit the CodeIsSource method of SysTreeNode class in AOT and add  UtilElmentType:WebControl and UtilElementType::WebSourceFile to the switch statement that returns true. After making the change, you shoudl be able to do code compare on user control markup and code behind files.


static boolean codeIsSource(UtilElementType _utilElementType)
    boolean ret;

    switch (_utilElementType)
        case UtilElementType::WebPageDef :
        case UtilElementType::WebStaticFile :
        case UtilElementType::WebControl:
        case UtilElementType::WebSourceFile:
            ret = true;

    return ret;

Comments (1)

  1. Allan Iversen says:

    Works like a charm! Just remember to do a "compile forward" on the class after implementing the change.

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