Using EP as a subsite to your existing company intranet portal

If you already have a SharePoint based intranet portal for your company , you may want to create the Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise portal as a sub site to this intranet portal to provide a seamless integrated experience to the users. For EP sub site creation to work, you need to check and make sure the below two are set correctly.

1.       The application pool of the IIS Web site running the intranet portal need to use the BC proxy account as the identity

2.       In Sub site creation, select the Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Site template and custom tab and also select “Use same permission as the parent site” option for User permissions. ( The SharePoint permission is only the front end gate keeper and actual data visibility and access permission is controlled inside Microsoft Dynamics AX.)


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  1. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Hi Mey,

    Thanks for the short and consise blog. I am struck with real time question for our customer,

    For the planning of a customer’s Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal scenario  plus a sizing guidance/case studies of similar scenarios whether to leverage an existing MOSS cluster at our customer or building a new SharePoint infrastructure exclusive for the AX EP deployment.

    Moreover, with respect to EP is there any information regarding differences of using WSS or MOSS

    Any guidance, pointers will be very helpful for our future investment . So thanks again.


  2. Anantha says:

    Hi Mey

    I have a question for one of my client

    My client has got a ep intranet portal and a web facing portal. Can the two portals be configured to work with the same AX AOS ?


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