UpdateOnPostBack property of AXForm

If you need to read the values that the user entered in a text box before the record is committed to filter the possible values for the second text box then first you should set the autopostback property of the AxBoundField to true. Also you need to set the UpdateonPostback property of the AXForm.

UpdateonPostback property is set if the record cursor needs to be updated when post back happens, so that other controls could read the change. You could then use the row.GetFieldValue("FieldName") to get the value that that user entered in the text box.

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  1. player says:

    Thanks for more and more helpfull ticks.

    Please tell us how we can extend user controls such as AxFilter AxDatePicker and so on. Unfortunatelly most of classes and workspases are sealed and is not possible to make "extends" them 🙁

  2. Eric says:

    Actually, has anyone really used UpdateOnPostback?

    I tried it in different forms and I keep getting an error message on a blank page "cannot render content because of an error"

    Or is there an addional setting somewhere which must be configured?


  3. Einar Larusson says:

    I have used this with good results tor example when i need to take action when a data has been entered in to a textbox

  4. Eric says:

    Upon further testing, it works well unless a form calls another form with a different dataset in it. This is when the blowing up occurs, it seems like I’m using incorrectly context information.


  5. Date type AxBoundField says:

    Hi All!

    I have a scenario like this:

    I have two AxBoundFields on AxForm. I need to calculate the dateDifference and to display on the Form.

    I am using the Display method on Table and using it in AxBoundField… It should be calculated as I select the End Date axBoundField. Its calculating the difference bt on 2nd time. when I first select the date, it does not calculate the diffefence but when I click 2nd time on End Date axBoundField, it calculates…. The thing which I am understanding is, 1st time the field value was not found but 2nd time when it is postback, it gets the older values and calculate it……

    I want to get the result on 1st turn……. what should I do?

    Am I missing something?

    Looking forward to your response, thanks in advance!

    Ehtasham Ur Rahman.

  6. Kris says:

    I am also facing the same issue in ax bound field as Rahman mentioned in post, if any solution for this please help me.

  7. Ariston says:


    How to I get the value from AxCheckBoxBoundField in AX 2012 + Enterprise Portal?

    Sample scenario:

    In AX Enterprise Portal Window:

    1. AxCheckBoxBoundField – (NoYes)

    2. AxBoundField – (Name)

    3. When I tick or checked the AxChexkBoxBoundField, I want to hide the Name Textbox and unhide it when unticked.

    Thank you for advance.

    Ariston J.

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