Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 book RTM’ed

Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 book RTM'ed

I wrote two chapters in Inside Dynamics AX 2009 book about Enterprise Portal and Role Centers. I also contributed to the Architecture Chapter and upgrade. Thanks to the entire EP team who implemented these great features and contributed in many ways to the content of these chapters. These chapters have wealth of info for developers and I would recommend strongly for EP / Role Center developers 🙂 🙂 .


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  1. Dilip Nair says:

    Great work Mey & EP team. From, where Can i get a pdf version of this book?



  2. Karthik says:

    Another Greeat Work by Microsoft , When can we expect the e-book of this ?



  3. Geovanni Licona says:


    i’ve read some pages from your book "inside microsoft dynamics ax 2009" and on the page 605 you say "Dynamics AX services published through WCF web services support three bindings:

    basicHttpBinding, customBinding and wsHttpBinding", could you say me, why don’t support netTspBinding???


  4. mmerz says:

    Our goal in Dynamics AX 2009 was to move from asmx web services to WCF web services. To achieve that goal, we have modified AIF so that it now generates WCF compliant binaries and a WCF configuration file. The bindings we needed to test for these web service scenarios are the WCF web service bindings — basicHttp, wsHttp, custom (with SOAP based message exchange). Although I would expect some of the other bindings (netTcp, etc.) to work as well, they have not been tested with Dynamics AX 2009.

  5. Raj says:

    Belated wishes for the work, Mey.

    I know about sharepoint but not much about MS Dynamics.

    Good to know this.Keep us posted.



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