Enterprise Portal Webinar Content

Below is the powerpoint that I am going to use for May 4th Webinar on Enterprise Portal deployment. The link to the attachment is at the bottom of this blog post below the comments link.

Enterprise Portal Setup.pptx

Comments (4)

  1. Dilip Nair says:

    Thanks a lot Mey to you and your team for putting up the webinars on EP. It’s really wonderful!

  2. Rich says:

    Is there a way to deploy a single object i.e. a user control individually instead of running axupdateportal?  This take a LONG time to run and we would save a lot of time, just deploying the control in question.

  3. Mey,

    Have you ever faced a problem – when you open an AX user control in VS2008 (AxWebUserControl.ascx) – its impossible to switch to the "design" tab – its like hanging….


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