AX Custom bound fields

A new code sample demonstrating the flexibility to customize the boundfields in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 EP is released in Here is the link directly to the sample download file. To try out these samples, download this zip file and follow the instructions given in readme.txt file

EP comes with a rich set of bound fields. This code sample demonstrates how to extend and add bound fields in EP for specific user interface requirements. This sample contains three types of bound fields:

  • Multi-line text
  • Day/month/year dropdown
  • Foreign key lookup that displays a description instead of an ID

Data binding provides an easy and powerful way to create a read/write link between controls on a Web page and the data in an application. With ASP.NET data binding, you can bind any server control to an AxDataSource control in EP and read and write data from Microsoft Dynamics AX seamlessly with little or no server code.

NOTE : These are code samples are not intended for production use as is. You should use them as samples and build your own solutions and test it before using it in production system. These sample bound fields do not work with BoundField designer in VS. You should work in the markup directly to use these boundfields or make the code deal with the boundfield designer.

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