EP Deployment – Internals

When you run Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 EP setup and go through the setup wizard, you might wonder what is going on behind the sceens. Here is a high level flow


Set BCProxyAccount Info in DynamicsAX ( from the user Account info entered for BC proxy in the Setup screen)
           Get AppPoolAccount From IIS
           if (ConfigureForWSS check box is checked in the setup screen)
                        If (ApppPoolAccount in IIS  == BCProxyAccount in Ax)
                                  Set password entered in setup screen for BC Proxy to the  AppPool in IIS

                                   ConfigureVirtualServerWithNewApplicationPool ( use the BC proxy account and password entered in setup screen for the
                                   new app  pool)
                         Configure AuthenticationMode to NTLM
                       If (appppoolaccount <> BCProxyAccount)
                                  Log Error
         Extend VirtualServer In Sharepoint
         ConfigureAuthenticationMode to NTLM

Remove Old WebPart Package
deploy EP OnS harepoint
       - deploy Static Files
       - deploy Web Controls
       - deploy All Web Parts
       - add EP Site Definitions
       - add/remove Site Templates
       - install Feature - Ax Search Feature
       - install Feature - EP Feature
       - if(MOSS Installed)
                    install Feature - Ax EP MOSS Feature
        - install Feature - Ax EP DataConnection Feature
        -  Create Install Information File
        - Integrate EP Help

if (Reset IIS Option is checked)
       Do IISReset

Upgrade Sites To DAX 2009  ( from DAX4.0)
Create Install Information File
Add Performance Counters
if (CreateWebSite Pption is checked)
            Create EP Site ( if bcproxy account is same as app pool account and IIS reset is checked)

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