Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal / Role Centers – Deployment Tips-n-Tricks – 3

For tips 1-7 , refer to For tips 8-16 , refer to (17) Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 RTM Enterprise Portal Site creation fails or the default page comes with unexpected error in the UI and with “A Progress Template must be specified on UpdateProgress control with ID ‘AXProgressControl’” error in the event log….


EP SSL ( https) Setup

How to Setup Secure (https) EP Site 1. Install IIS,,WSS 3.0 SP1 ( or MOSS 2007 SP1 ), Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and the all the pre-requisites2. Install Enterprise Portal on some IIS Web site ( This will not be used later for SSL. This is required just to deploy EP files initially.)Do not create EP site…


EP Deployment – Internals

When you run Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 EP setup and go through the setup wizard, you might wonder what is going on behind the sceens. Here is a high level flow   Set BCProxyAccount Info in DynamicsAX ( from the user Account info entered for BC proxy in the Setup screen)If(VirtualServerIsAlreadyExtended){           Get AppPoolAccount From IIS        …


Setting up EP in NLB Cluster

Thanks to the EP test team , here are the steps to setup Enterprise Portal in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 on a NLB cluster. 1.       Setting up the Virtual IP and host header name a.       Connect to the domain controller of the domain (DMZDC) that the NLB will reside in, and open Administrative Tools >DNS…


Disabling Bound Fields through code

You can make a bound field as read only or hide the Lookupbutton of the bound field through code in the page load event. For example … AxBoundField boundField = AxGridView1.Columns[i] as AxBoundField; boundField.ReadOnly = true; …   or   … AxBoundField boundField = AxGridView1.Columns[i] as AxBoundField; boundField.LookupButtonDisplaySettings = LookupButtonDisplaySettings.Never; …   If they do…


Ax Report Web Part properties

Microsoft Dynamics AX report web parts are used in Role Centers and in Enterprise Portal pages. If you need to pass parameters to the report throug query string , you can do so  in the URL with this syntax  <selector>.Parameters.<parameterName>=<parameterValue> For example In the Ax report webpart , set the parameter selector value to Report1. And let…


Aggregation in EP Datasets

Often times, you might want to display some aggregated values in a simple grid interface in a web page. Enterprise Portal provides a simple and efficient way of doing this. Here is a sample that I created ( with help from Ahmad, Sella and others) for a partner who has similar requirements to display aggregated…