EP Visual Studio Add-In

The EP dev tools setup installs EP project and control templates and Visual studio Add-In for VS 2008. EP dev tools requires that EP is installed on the same box.

The Web Site project template AxWebProject.zip  is installed in My Documents folder under Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Web Developer\CSharp and  page  and control templates AxWebpartPage.zip and AxWebUserControl.zip under Visual Studio 2008 \Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual Web Developer\CSharp.

The Add-in  is installed in Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\EnterprisePortalTools  and is added to the VS  Add-in files path and enabled.

(1) You can check this in VS Tools->Options->Add-in you should see


(2) In VS Tools -> Add-In Manager  Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Tools must be enabled.

To check if everything is installed corrected, when you create a new Web Site Project in VS 2008 C#, you should see Dynamics AX Web project template. After creating the project, in the solution explorer when you right click on app_code folder you should get Generate Proxies menu option.

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  1. parkeren says:

    Great it works! Thanks for this.

  2. Is it possible to work on VS environment on a box which has EP not installed but on a network, as in AX we can access the environment via the network by directly using Client configuration utility?

    If we install the VS add-ins, project templates and toolbox templates at the client end can we directly deploy AOT controls by saying ‘Add to AOT’?

  3. earthStrapped says:

    I verified everything above, but I don’t see Dynamics AX in the VS Toolbox.  Any ideas what I’m missing?

  4. In Visual Studio’s Toolbox select "Chose items" from the right click menu

    In the new window press Browse to look for files DLL/EXE containing controls.

    now find: Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics AX50ClientBinMicrosoft.Dynamics.Framework.Portal.dll and pres Ok

    this should do the trick

  5. Trein Londen says:

    Thanks Arvid, now it works for me too. Great information resource.

  6. msumrell says:

    At the top of the page, it says "EP dev tools requires that EP is installed on the same box.

    "  but AX does not want to install this on my Vista box… it says it requires Windows Server 2003 or higher.

    How can this be ?

  7. ashlesh says:

    I am not able to findout the "Add To AOT" option after right click on the usercontrol(dynamics user control) added by me.

    I ahve restarted VS 2008 studio many a times but not getting any success.

    Pl. help.

  8. Mey says:

    Once you add the user control to AOT, the add to AOT option will not appear. When you make the change in VS, it will then automatically save it to AOT.

    Only when a user control is newly added to VS, the Add to AOT will appear once for that control.

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