Role Centers in Microsoft Dynamics Ax

Role Centers 

Role Centers offer a Role Tailored User Experience in Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 that

  1. provides at-a-glance business overview above the data to monitor business performance

  2. provides summary view of each person’s work and present it in one, made-for-that user default page

    1. Helps users plan and prioritize their work

    2. Put work into consumable chunks

    3. Notify users of work to keep the (work)flow going

  3. provides "software made for me" experience

    1. Users/businesses can personalize Home Pages

    2. ISVs can add parts

Value Proposition 

End Users

  1. Reach every employee with pervasive BI in business process

  2. Add value to every decision

  3. Provides big picture and help keep the work flowing

  4. Increase the impact and productivity of information workers

  5. Analytics embedded in the Business application itself. One integrated tool for both analytics and business transaction

  6. Easy to drill into the transaction details from the analytical information

  7. Available in both Client and Portal


  1. Leverages Meta data defined in business system to generate the cubes

  2. Out of the box Cues and Role Centers simplifies the development

  3. Easy to integrate other systems

  4. Easy to customize the user interface using std Microsoft development tools


  1. Easy to assign users to Role Centers

  2. Familiar SharePoint, SSRS, SSAS admin tools to manage user's permissions

Role Center Web Parts

  1. Business Overview - for displaying KPIs and for time comparison

  2. Dynamics Reports - for displaying charts and summary reports

  3. Cues - for displaying work information like paper stacks pictorial representation

  4. Quick Links - for shortcuts

  5. Unified Worklist - for displaying alets, workflow actions and crm tasks

  6. EP Web parts

    1. Gantt View , List, any control

  7. WSS  Web parts - for collaboration

  8. MOSS Web parts - for BI

    1. Filter, KPI List, Excel Web Access, RSS Feed etc

  9. Any std SharePoint and/or controls



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