Enterprise Portal in Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009

What is Enterprise Portal? 

  1. Portal Platform for Microsoft Dynamics AX

  2. Rich development tools and technology

  3. Out-of-the-box self-service scenarios for  customers, vendors, business partners and employees

  4. Personalized, role-based portal

Enterprise Portal Architecture

  1. Similarly to Desktop Ax 5.0 Portal builds on the rich Ax programming model and data binding

  2. It exposes the rich Ax Metadata Binding

  3. It uses the full flexibility of ASP.NET (code and markup)

  4. It uses the dynamic customization and personalization of SharePoint

  5. It unifies ASP.NET, SharePoint and Ax Metadata in the AOT

Value Proposition
End users

  1. Modern web experience (responsive & interactive)

  2. Utilizes AJAX for rich interactions

  3. Rich data visualization through controls


  1. Integrates with Visual Studio for design time experience

  2. Rich toolset for developers

    1. ASP.NET controls

    2. EP Controls ( List / Form / Look up etc..)

    3. SharePoint Web Parts

    4. Third Party ASP.NET controls

    5. User Controls

    6. Custom Controls

    7. ASP.NET pages

  3. Provides full control of UI rendering

  4. ASP.NET runtime and rich CLR language and libraries

  5. Allows associations of web parts in one page


  1. End to End  EP deployment completely integrated in Ax Setup

  2. Prerequisites checks built-in

  3. Auto Install WSS , Auto configure WSS , Auto create EP site

  4. No manual steps required

What's new in EP? 

  1. New Asp.net based Framework

  2. Web Modules are Sub Sites

  3. One Site for All Ax companies similar to Client

  4. Context Specific EP help

  5. Reduced Configuration Steps ( For example, User Relation Configuration Optional for Role Centers ( Required for specific EP modules))

  6. End to End Deployment part of Ax Setup

  7. Consistent Navigation for Web Modules in Quick Launch

  8. Lots of new application functionality

    1. CRM in Sales Module

    2. Expense Management

    3. Purchase Requisition

    4. Service Management

    5. Compliance Center

    6. Role Centers 

Comments (8)
  1. There is a problem with Ax2009 Portal Tools and VS 2008.

    After installing VS 2008 developer (or team system, it does not really matter) and installing the AX2009 Enterprise Portal Tools, I get an error at the startup of Visual Studio:


    Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Tools


    An unexpected error occured in the Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Tools. You have to restart Visual Studio to use the Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Tools.

    If I click OK, then following message appears:


    Microsoft Visual Studio


    The Add-in ‘Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Tools’ failed to load or caused an exception.

    Would you like to remove this Add-in?

    If you choose yes, the file it was loaded from, ‘D:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics AX50EnterprisePortalToolsMicrosoft.Dynamics.Framework.Portal.VisualStudio.2008.AddIn.AddIn’, will be renamed.

    Error Message: Invalid pointer

    Error number: 80004003

    Any suggestions how to diagnose and remedy the problem?


  2. indiraRachakonda says:


    Even I got the same error when trying to install EP dev tools from Add-in which i found some previous builds. But when i have installed from add /remove programs -> role centers and EP development tools on a newly installed AX it worked fine.

  3. Mey M says:

    Are you installing it on a Web Server?. The EP Dev tools requires EP already installed on the box.

  4. akrkrish says:


    I have a doubt out of this section would be glad to know.. how does a fucntional person come in help in enterprise portal and hows does he learing the technical side gonna be help ful or its not necessary….



  5. wenni057 says:

    was the web part of visual studio installed , before installing the add on?

    I had the same issue, Now it is installed and shown in my add on list, But I can’t select the project Type. The plug in for AX 2009 reports is working OK

  6. mukesh100ni says:

    We have multiple EP Developers who will be working on EP Development in Development envirionment from there machines. How multiple users can create there own users controls and deploy the same to AX 2009.

  7. Enterprise Portal impot URL problem says:

    Hi All,

    I am getting error listed below while importing URL in Enterprise portal.

    The Web Part page http://server/sites/DynamicsAx/Sales/Enterprise%20Portal/JCIMembershipForm.aspx was not imported correctly from the site. The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)

    Solutions reqd….


    I Khan

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