Role Center Security

Role Center Security

Forcing NTLM
Configuring Kerberos





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  1. Shince Jose says:


    I am using EP site to show the Dynamics report.

    The reports are deployed in the reportserver

    The list of reports are added to AX using Save To AOD.

    Added Dynamics Report Server Report Webpart into the EP Site and linked one reports.

    Added Authenticated Users in ReportServe as well as in EP with Full Control.

    But because the reports are run through Dynamics Businessonector it tries to authenticate the user against the AX. there it fails because authenticated Users are not added to AX(Cannot add authenticated Users to AX.)

    1. is it possible to show the reports without authenticating against AX(a webpart which doesn’t use BusinessConnector to Show Reportviewer)?

    2. Is it possible to add authenticated Users to AX also instead of adding each individual Users?

    Now i am adding each user individually to get access to the site.



  2. Mey M says:

    Dynamics AX report webpart requires the user to be added to Dynamics AX. If you want to display any SQL Reporting services webpart without connecting to Dynamics AX, then you should use the SRS Report webpart which comes with SQL Server.

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