Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I spent this New Year ’s Eve at Seattle Center watching Space Needle Fireworks. And software glitch delayed Fireworks show.What a great way to begin the new year for a software professional :).

Later I  spent some time wondering what New year and January 1st means and read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Year and http://astroprofspage.com/archives/585 . So Jan 1st is nothing but an arbitrary orbital marker and It took quite a long time before the adoption of the 1 January as the start of the year became widespread.

I am very excited as this year is very significant for Microsoft Dynamics Ax and Enterprise Portal. We are going to unveil the next version this year  with a very cool  new user experience, powerful ASP.net/AJAX/VS.net development tools ,RAD Development tools for Business applications, seamless setup and deployment options, out of the box Role Centers  with  customization and adaptability features.

Starting with Convergence we will hear more about this new version and expect to see great articles, sample codes and tips-n-tricks about Enterprise portal and Role Centers in this blog regularly.


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  1. jonaid says:


    I am trying to attach a new report to the webmenu. Its a report which should open in a new window as a pdf document. Could you help me how to do this. eg. If showInvoiceCopy on EPCustInvoiceJournalInfo is clicked, it should open a customised report as a pdf file in a new window.



  2. Mey M says:

    Out of the box EP pages does this already. We use X++ reporting to generate the file that you wanted. Take a look at the Sales Invoice copy link in EP

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