Enterprise Portal – Demo Script 1

Last Week, I presented Enterprise Portal in TechReady4.  For those that are unfamiliar with these it is a twice yearly internal only event for the technical field of Microsoft to come and get updates on Microsoft products. I promised to put my demo script on my blog for others to try out.

I have used this demo script in other public events as well.


Here is the first demo.

Kevin, the Sales Manager is always on the road and he needs to get his customer data from anywhere. So he asked his IT team to create a new webpage which displays important customer information on the portal which could be accessed from extranet.


So first the IT team creates a new webpage to display the customer information.




Task 1: Create a Web form.

1.      Start the Dynamics AX client.

2.      Press CTRL+D to open the AOT, or click the AOT button on the toolbar. Open a second instance of the AOT and position it next to the first.

3.      In the left AOT window, expand the Data Dictionary node.

4.      Expand the Tables node.

5.      Locate the CustTable table. This is the main table that stores customer master file information.

6.      In the right AOT, expand the Web node.

7.      Right-click the Web Forms node, and then click New Web Form.

8.      Expand the new Web form. Then drag the CustTable table identified in Step 5 from the left AOT onto the data sources of the new Web form in the right AOT.

9.      Expand the Designs node of the new Web form.

10.  Right-click Design, point to New Control, and then click WebGrid.

11.  Right-click the new WebGrid control, and then click Properties.

12.  Set the DataSource to CustTable.

13.  Right-click WebGrid, point to Add New Control, and then click WebEdit.

14.  Right-click the new WebEdit control, and then click Properties.

15.  Set the DataSource to CustTable and the DataField to Name.

16.  Click Save All on the AOT toolbar of the right AOT.

Task 2: Create Web content.

1.      In the left AOT, expand Web, expand Web Content, and locate Display.

2.      In the right AOT, expand Web, expand Web Forms, and locate the new Web form created in Task 1.

3.      Drag the Web form from the right AOT to the Web Content\Display node on the left AOT

4.      Click Save All on the AOT toolbar of the left AOT window.

Task 3: Create a Web page.

1.      In Internet Explorer, navigate to the home page of the EP by entering the URL.

2.      Click Site Actions/ Create on the global menu (top horizontal menu).

3.      Click Web Part Page.

4.      Type a name for the page, select the Header, Left Column, and Body layout templates, and then select the Document Library as the Enterprise Portal.

5.      Click Create.

6.      Drag WebFormWebPart from Web Part List on the right side to the Body section.

7.      Click the down arrow on the WebFormWebPart, and then click Modify Shared Web Part.

8.      For WebDisplayContentItemName, select the Web content created in Task 2.

9.      Click OK.


Demo 2 will continue in the next post

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