Convergence Demos

Convergence Demos Ramana showed Enterprise Portal on Thursday ( 03/23/06) on the pre partner day session. He demoed creating page, importing page definition and changing the page title and his entire presentation was very well received. The audience loved it. Some people mentioned that he is so good that he should be in show business….


Microsoft Dynamics @ Channel9

Microsoft Dynamics @ Channel9 Satya Nadella  Hal Howard (& team 🙂 ) Mike Ehrenberg Jakob Nielsen  Tami Reller  


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Convergence 2006     Convergence 2006 will take place in Dallas, Texas, USA, Saturday, March 25th through Tuesday, March 28th, 2006 at the Dallas Convention Center. I am presenting in the below two break-out/concurrent sessions about Enterprise Portal.   AX02  Collaborating and Controlling Your Business Using Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal, SharePoint and Alerts Speaker(s): Mai Kirknel,…


Back from Vacation

Back to work from 3 weeks vacation. Lots of things happened while I was away.The Dynamics Snap project that I was working on went live as sandbox Channel 9’s interview with our GM Hal went live you watch it fully without blinking you can see me as well in this interview. Team is…


Calling static methods in Business Connector

Recently I received a question about calling global objects in BC and thought others may have similar question as well, so sharing the answer here. Question: I am creating object of Global Class of Axapta in C# code via AxConnectionObject.CreateObject(“Globla”,………….); API. The object is getting created well. But then I want to call the static API…



Yesterday I presented a session on  Portal technology for the next release of Microsoft DynamicsAX at the TechReady event in Seattle . TechReady is an internal technical readiness event for the Field. The Room was full and the session went really well (in my opinion  and the evaluations turned in so far more or…


Getting ASP.NET version used by IIS Web Site

It is easy to get the ASP.NET version installed at the machine level. But it took me some time to figure out ( with the help of others , of course) to get the ASP.NET version used by a given web site in IIS , since side by side is supported by .NET and admin…