Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1

Today , the product team signed off on SP1 bits for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0. It will be hitting the market very soon.

The Client and EP team did a phenomenal job in this service pack release. We have done

1. Enterprise Portal support in WSS 3.0
2. Enterprise Portal support in MOSS 2007
3. Client Auto-Hide navigation/favorite  pane
4. IE 7 / Vista support
5. Product builder support in EP
6. Traditional Perimeter network support
7. Many bug fixes in Client and EP

We are very excited about this increase in quality and added features and the value it brings to customers and partners and we have already started receiving good feedback about these features from TAP partners.

Comments (8)

  1. Rob Cahill says:

    Can you send me information bullet point #7.  "Many bug fixes on the Client" and EP. It Doesn’t have to be pretty, just bullet points of some of the main bug fixes so I can advise the client on whether to install before Go-Live or after.  

  2. Rob Cahill says:

    Can you send me bullet points on #7 "Many bug fixes for the client" on what these bug fixes are.

    I need this to advise the client on whether to upgrade before Go-Live or after.

  3. Mey M says:

    The list is in the release notes under "Issues that have been fixed in Service Pack 1". The release notes is part of the the SP1 download.

    You can download SP1 from

    Customer Source –

    Partner Source –

  4. Kevin Krieger says:

    Is the AX 4.0 SP1 client backward compatible with AX 4.0? I’m testing the SP1 on another server, and I have the client from AX 4.0 installed on my workstation. I am assuming if I install the SP1 client. it will overwrite my current version. Any info would be a tremendous help.

  5. Mey M says:

    The Clients and AOSs must be the same version.  If you attempt to connect a 4.0 SP1 client to a 4.0 AOS you will be presented with an error message. But you can connect 4.01 clienbt to 4.0 SP1 AOS and 4.0 Client to 4.0 AOS.

    The 4.0 SP1 install would update the registry and 4.0 would not be able to work (unless the hive is backed up and restored). You can get around the registry problem by creating multiple configurations.  This will allow 4.0 and 4.0 SP1 to run side by side.

  6. We bought Dynamics Ax and we need Ax 4.0 download. so please send me link.

  7. Entelexiya says:

    We bought Dynamics Ax and we need Ax 4.0 download. so please send me link.  Pleaseeee

  8. Mauricio Cuellar says:

    I am looking for an answer regarding the localization layer in 4.0 sp1 for Mexico. I need to know if such localization is included in sp1 (or any other sp for that matter) or if work needs to be performed in order to adjust DAX 4.0 to the Mexican laws. Thanks for your answer. My email is

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