Enterprise Portal & Alerts session at EMEA Convergence

We just finished our EP and Alerts session at EMEA Convergenc ( 12:15 to 1:30 PM on 11/07/06). Our session was in the main big expo hall( the same stage where BillG and Satya presented their keynotes 🙂 ) and the turnout was great. More than 150 people attended the session  ( I believe one of the highest for AX so far ) and the feedback was great.  

We had handed out few bells ( thanks to Mai) to the audience to ring whenever an alert comes up . We referred ourselves as M& M ( for Mey and Mai) and had good fun throughout the session. We handed out four  Inside Dynamics AX book at the end of the session.


Questions about performance, & reliability , SharePoint and EP product direction  came up at the end of the session for EP. People appreciated about the ease to publish to web and the demo.


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