Accessing SharePoint Document Library through UNC Path.

If you have an Enterprise Portal site with the URL http://AX40VPC/Sites/EnterprisePortal and you need to access the document libraries in this site through windows explorer through the UNC path \\ax40vpc\sites\enterpriseportal from a windows 2003 server , then you need to start the WebClient service on the OS. This service is by default disabled in Windows 2003. So go to Administrative Tool -> Services to start this service.

Also if you have enabled Basic Auth  on this site , then you need to follow the instructions given in

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  1. shikarishambu says:


    thanks for the info. I noticed that AX by default puts all documents in a single folder. Is there a way to map different document libraries on sharepoint to different document "types" in AX.

    e.g. I want all Purchase Orders in a separate document library from all invoices etc…

  2. I usually don’t just link to other blogs from this blog, but this tip is very helpful and I seem to return

  3. SayediMac says:

    Hi, Here are a couple of nifty entries from last Friday and from over the weekend: Get the Windows Mobile

  4. TSR says:

    I started the Webclient service but still get presented with a login box when trying to access the document library via a UNC path.

  5. shikarishambu says:


    If my sharepoint site was running on a different port how would I do it?

    My SharePoint document Library is http://servername:81/Shared Documents/

    I tried giving the UNC path as \servername:81Shared Documents. That did not work. I tried \servernameShared Documents. That too did not work.

    WSS 3.0 and AX 4.0 sp2.

  6. We are calling AX code from Enterprise Portal that uses WinApi::CopyFile method. When we run EP from

  7. Nate says:

    Just because I spent hours and hours diagnosing this I thought i’d post my findings.  If you are trying to copy remotely from a server that is a virtual machine (even with SP 1 only installed) YOU CANNOT copy to sharepoint.  I wasted days troubleshooting this only to realize that if I used a physical machine the copy works no problem. Hopefully this helps someone.

  8. Nate says:

    I posted the most recent post about the copying not working.  It turns out the reason this didnt work is because Rosebud the webdav redirector needed to be installed.  The problem didnt have anythind to do with the fact that the source server was a VM

  9. Himadrish says:


    May be you can try to put ' file://' just before the UNC path starts. So, if your UNC path is \ax40vpcsitesenterpriseportal, then you need to put the path as 'file://ax40vpc/sites/enterpriseportal '.

    Hopefully it will help you 🙂



  10. MAK says:

    Hi Shikarishambu,

    You can access the path but replace the ":" with "@" i.e. "\servername:81Shared Documents" should be like "\servername@81Shared Documents". This was worked for me.

    Hope this will help you and others too.


  11. Stace Clark says:

    Wicked !!! this is so simple.. I knew it was doable… thanks again you da man !!  🙂

  12. Christer Hartikka says:

    Awesome .. This was exactly what I was looking for .. With the Windows Service in Windows Server 2003 .. Could not figure out why it was working from PC Client and not form the server .. Thank you !!

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