June 9th 2006 – Important day for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Product team

Today is very special day for the Dynamics AX 4.0 team. The team got together and celebrated the final milestone of AX 4.0 product development and held the signing ceremony. To me, the last 18 months have been challenging, hectic, yet fulfilling. This is great feeling that together as a team from three different major development locations of Microsoft and with feedback from partners and customers, we learned and built a world class product and very soon this is going to be available to the market. Personally I worked with many TAP partners in rolling out Enterprise Portal and the feedbacks that we are getting are encouraging.
Today is the day to reflect on the work that the team put into product development and the emails from the leadership team pouring in from yesterday highlighted the challenges that we went through and the hard work and innovation went in to this product and full of praises for the successful outcome of AX 4.0. Some funny facts such as the number of meetings held, number of air miles traveled etc were there in some emails and the numbers were staggering. We also had manager dunking booth and all the managers and 75% of the spectators jumped (pushed) into this. No… not me.

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